It’s Improbable She’s Impossible

[ constant touch with my limitations] Me: I'm impossible Andrew: No, you're adorable Me: I'm adorably impossible? Andrew: No, you're Improbable. Me: I can't be Improbable; I exist. Andrew: See, you're not impossible. *** It was just a quirky conversation. I was down because I was feeling as if I bungle everything. The devil would … Continue reading It’s Improbable She’s Impossible

Delighting in Weakness

[The Lord is close to the broken hearted] describes the Greek word for weakness this way:  asthéneia ("weakness, sickness") refers to an ailment that deprives someone of enjoying or accomplishing what they would like to do. “It focuses on the handicaps that go with the weakness.  It expresses the weakening influences of the illness … Continue reading Delighting in Weakness