If you happen to be looking for some great Bible resources let me give you some where to start. is a great site. Not only can the Bible be read in English, but it’s also been translated into many other languages as well.  So, if English isn’t your first language you may find a translation that you can understand here. is also a great resource.  I particularly like looking up Scripture on this site because I can easily navigate (by the arrows provided), through the previous passages as well as those following the particular verse I’m looking up.  This helps tremendously to work out the context!

Often, verse on it’s own isn’t the best way to understand the full meaning of what’s written, so this is very helpful! BibleHub also offers many Apps to help you with your study of Scripture.  I’ve never used any of them myself,  but they are there for those who might be interested.

Free.Bible is an App you can get for your mobile device, which has been made available for many platforms. This App has over 1000 Bible versions and is available in 750 languages world wide, which I personally think is pretty awesome! has a great topical index. If you want to search what the Bible has to say about a particular topic, just type into the search box what your looking for, and it will bring up a list of Scripture for you to check out. (I Love that!) This makes it quick and easy to bring up the particular verses you need.

The Bible is easiest to understand if you read the Books of the Bible sequentially–so cover to cover.  I spent the last year doing this very thing myself, and now my husband and I are again going through the Bible–Book by Book, together.  Though for study purposes Scripture and Books can be read on their own separately– to get the complete picture it’s a good idea to have read the whole Bible in it’s entirety, at least once.  But the more you do, the more you will understand, so I wouldn’t suggest stopping at simply once.