Church (Online)

Do you happen to be looking for a great online church!? Then let me introduce you to New Hope Church. Though new to us also, my husband and I have been enjoying all of their videos and sermons. (Don’t miss checkin’ out Tony Boom; Andrew and I both want to adopt him!)  

New Hope’s Senior Pastor has won us over as well with his current sermon series titled A House United.  I’m just thrilled with this series as God has also put unity on my heart.

If you’re in a situation similar to my husband and I which can make getting out of the house problematic, then New Hope would make a great online church for those who find themselves shut-in.  If you’re just looking for more church during your week then taking some time out to listen to one of New Hope’s sermons would fill that need also.  I’ve listened to all three of these sermons below and they have my stamp of approval, not that my stamp means anything, but I have no doubt that they’d receive God’s stamp; this does count for something!  Subscribe to them on YouTube today!


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