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[But a good person will always be safe]

It’s so ironic. (Or is it?) When I wrote “The House that God is Rebuilding” I never expected we’d encounter a literal problem within our dwelling: white mold. This piece was purely metaphor for how our hearts would require a remediation on our journey of faith, but guess what? God can still use life’s plagues to show us His mercy.

It may not feel this way when we’re faced with another problem, especially when it seems as if they just keep coming! Nevertheless, the Lord is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, and He will prove it!!!

Rejoice Always

Does it sound as if I’m a little too upbeat about life’s troubles? Guess what? I freak out, I cry and I even sing the blues too. However, in the midst of our storms I also experience that peace that transcends understanding. I have an unshakable hope, and I know the joy of our Lord’s salvation. I’m experiencing all of it! This is what gets me excited! 

“Everyday is hard for those who suffer. But a happy heart makes it like a continual feast.” –Proverbs 15:15

This may not be what I’d choose to make me new (as Jason Grey puts it in the song that I’ll share at the end of this post), but I do love to watch the Lord at work! I’m also enthusiastic that I get the privilege of being a reporter for Him! Don’t blame the weather on me. Andrew tried this once. He said that I prayed too hard. (Hmm, Perhaps…)

cloud-2436676_1920(All pics in this post courtesy of

Praise Report!

Our Landlord, Paul, showed up only a week after we informed him there was a mold problem. (Timely!) He seemed pretty concerned that there could be a breach in the foundation, so he ran his hands across the walls quite a few times checking for moisture. The great news is that there were no signs of a structural problem! 

As it turns out, when it’s cold and damp in a basement suite, white mold will show up quite quickly, especially in places like closets as there’s no air circulation. Basically, our problem was caused by high humidity, brought on by a really bad spell of wet weather.


Paul’s Solution? 

Paul bought us a dehumidifier and installed a baseboard heater in the master bedroom. Now we’ll finally have some heat control in the dampest zone of our suite! The dehumidifier will help a lot too, especially in the Spring months.

What about the Mold Cleanup?

One of our landlords colleagues advised taking our clothes to the dry cleaners. Paul then recommended a gal on the strip nearby that is very trustworthy. The cost of the dry cleaning will be deducted from our rent! Isn’t that awesome!?

You have no idea how huge having our clothes laundered professionally was to me. As I’ve been battling chronic fatigue, this project looked liked a mountain, but suddenly my mountain was uprooted and carted away. 

The gal at the dry cleaners (Yolanda) said that she washed everything twice, and this week she’s been working at removing stains. Yes, apparently mold can stain your clothing, but she thinks she may be able to save everything.

We weren’t the only ones who experienced mold as an after effect of the weather. One of Paul’s co-workers discovered white mold in her suite, and Yolanda shared that she had another client call in moldy clothing.

Even with my mountain removed, what remained was still a lot of work. This made me even more grateful for that mercy of help. Thankfully, I had some better health days exactly when I needed them, and was able to get it all taken care of one day at a time.

I do have a bit more to share about the clean up. This will be covered in part two.


Structurally Sound

In Jesus we have a Rock solid foundation. When we trust our hearts and lives to Him, we are guaranteed that there will be no breach in that strong foundation. For those who trust Jesus as their Savior, we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul made this clear in Scripture:

“Let me ask you only this: Did you receive the Spirit by works of the law, or by the hearing with faith?” (Galatians 3:1-6).

“And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!””(Galatians 4:6 ).

Though life’s plagues may create some work and stress, they also build us up and bless others as we share the good news about how the Lord has worked in our lives. Our ordeals make His presence known. They show us how powerful He is as He proves that none of life’s storms will ever overtake His people. We are safe in the arms of our merciful Savior who will always be the best remedy for our needy hearts. ❤

“A Storm will blow the evil person away. But a good person will always be safe.” –Proverbs 10:24

Next–> Remedy for the Heart: Part 2

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9 thoughts on “Remedy for the Heart: Part 1

    1. Yes, and guess what else we just found out today? The cost of the dry cleaning was going to be $500, but she said that she would discount it to $350 for our Landlord. Isn’t that wonderful!? Every good and perfect gift is from the Lord. 🙂 ❤

  1. Wonderful to hear about Gods provision in the midst of the issue here.
    Through life’s plagues we do have stress like you said and indeed they build us up and others too when we share how God worked.

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