Cats are hilarious. I love the feline persuasion’s whack-a-doodle nature. Our kitty, Sheya, is a real momma’s cat, but it’s very evident that she loves her kitty-daddy too.

Andrew is constantly saying to me, “Come quick, you have to see this!” When I do, however, our fickle feline hears me coming and bolts before I get to see what adorable thing she’s up to.

One afternoon, as Andrew went down for a nap, it wasn’t long before he beckoned me to come see what our little tiger was doing. I said to him, “She’ll just take off as soon as she hears me.” Andrew says, “Be really quiet.”

After agreeing to give this a shot, I tiptoe carefully towards the bedroom in hopes of sighting this precious moment.” Finally I arrive at my destination to see Sheya curled up on the pillow next to Andrew’s head. Delighted by the sweet sight I say, “Hiiiiiiiii.” Sheya meows in protest and quickly vacates the room!

Andrew says to me, “You shouldn’t have said anything.” Ah, but if I’d remained silent, this story wouldn’t have been as mews worthy.

PicsArt_11-03-06.45.37(Mama’s tiger.)

PicsArt_11-03-06.46.56(I love this baby pic of our sweet Sheya. She’s one cool cat.)

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