[In this world you will have trouble]

My heart is sinking. Why don’t people listen? No, seriously…why?

On Sunday it was Thanksgiving here in Canada. Neither Andrew nor I were feeling great due to our health problems, so Andrew almost went down for a nap a few hours before we were set to head out and spend time with family.

Thankfully, he managed to stay awake, and we did push to get out the door. However, when I went to the closet to pick out a pair of shoes, I discovered what appeared to be white mold. When I investigated further I found that my boots were even worse. Even further investigation proved that some of my clothing and purses, as well as a chair, had signs of mold also.


Suddenly, I was freaking out! Is this why Andrew and I keep feeling so brutal? Healthwise we’ve both gotten worse. Could mold be the cause? Yes, actually, it could be part of the problem. Mold can cause or worsen already existing health conditions.


We live in a basement suite, but that doesn’t mean that mold should be an issue if this house was built right, and we have sufficient heat. Unfortunately,  it’s pretty common for people to selfishly cut corners.

I’ve had my concerns about this house because we do know that not everything is built to code. On occasion I’ve wondered if this suite itself has been making us worse.

As for the heat, one of our upstairs neighbors doesn’t want to keep the heat on (or he turns it down so low that it doesn’t come on enough.) We’ve informed our landlord about this–more than once–but this particular neighbor likes to do things his own way. Selfishness is just like mold, it spreads and creates a bigger problem. 

20191015_151328(spots of mold on a purse)

So we’ve informed our Landlord, who says that he will get back to us soon. I don’t know if it’s this place, not enough heat, the rainy weather, or a combination that has caused mold, but this wasn’t the first sign of “plague.” This particular neighbor has caused numerous problems. They say that ignorance is bliss, but tell this to those who suffer for the ones who won’t listen, learn and take correction. Thankfully Jesus came to open our eyes and save us from ourselves. 

“Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.”

20191015_151302(I even found spots of mold on my clothing)

The formation of mold has everything to do with dampness and temperature, so obviously it hasn’t been warm enough in our suite.

I had a friend who actually died from black mold exposure. Eventually I may write a post about her, but her words to me kept running through my head: “Be careful with that mold.” Why did she say this? Well, at the time we were living in an apartment and our landlord wasn’t keeping up on things. Because of this our balcony was in disrepair, and I guess moisture was getting into one of the walls. We noticed some water damage in the corner of a room one day, but other unresolvable issues forced us to move out. That story can be found Here.


There’s one thing that I AM very thankful for right now. Even though I stressed out, which set off a bit of a panic attack, I do know that I can trust Jesus with our needs. He has seen us safe before, and I KNOW He can do it again. At least we know that there’s a problem, so we can deal with this with God’s help.

What would I do if I couldn’t trust my needs to Jesus? People really don’t listen! So I’m glad that He always does! It’s no lie that we’ll have trouble in this world, but it’s also true that Jesus has already overcome it! 

Jesus words…

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” –John 14:27

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” –John 16:33 ❤

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32 thoughts on “White Mold

      1. Glad your getting there we had some for years Black mold went all the way to our Niki’s bedroom had to throw away all her soft toys . Luckily our housing officer got it sorted pretty quick once we spotted it

      2. Yikes! Black mold is scary stuff! I understand having to throw things out. I’m doing the same. It’s just stuff, right? Health and safety is so much more important.

    1. Yeah… mold is not fun! We had to take all the clothes in our closet to the drycleaners! Thankfully, our landlord is going to take the cost out of the rent! I had to wash all my shoes, and throw a bunch of stuff out. I’m still making sure everything has been thoroughly cleaned. Good thing I don’t have a billion shoes!

  1. My goodness! That’s horrible!! I really hope that’s not why you guys are feeling more sick, that upsets me. Hoping it’s looked after and corrected quickly!!

    1. Thanks Alicia! Yeah, we’re hoping it will be looked after quickly too. Andrew, was pretty worried last night. He woke up from a dream about me dying. Yeah, he’s a little worried. I panicked at first, but God’s got this. I was stressing over how it’s going to be dealt with. Can we deal with it? Will it be proffessionaly dealt with? I was looking stuff up online. Bad idea lol. It’s just like trying to figure out how to deal with our health problems; there’s a billion different opinions, and then they get into how the mold spores have to be killed off or the mold can come back. Plus, depending on where the mold is you may have to deal with it a little differently. So I don’t know. Reading about it was boggling my mind. I just want someone to come and assess it, and tell us what the next step will be. Some things may even need to be tossed. I have no idea. I’m believing that were totally gonna be fine, and it’s just a matter of going through the motions. Maybe we’ll find out its not a huge deal and it can easily be taken care of, or maybe this suite is not where we need to be anymore. We won’t know until we find out more. Until then, I am focusing on other things and staying away from the danger zone so I don’t stir up anything and cause a bigger problem.

  2. Well I thought I replied, but I don’t see it, so maybe it didn’t go through. I am very sorry to hear about the mold and the neighbor! I am praying for you and Andrew, both of your health, and that God brings the right solution!

      1. Awe, thanks Bridget. That’s okay, my mind is elsewhere. I didn’t notice at all. 😊 Even if I had, I wouldn’t hold it against you.

    1. Thank you. Yeah, that was my thought when I discovered the mold. I had a tough time at the family thing because I could not shake that feeling of not wanting to be in this suite, and just…everything, but even though I kept tearing up, there were some really special moments as everyone said what they were thankful for. I couldn’t speak…lol Ironic considering my blog is called “God’s Kid Speaks” But Andrew spoke for me. Sometimes you need your “Aaron” to speak for you I guess. I’m doing better. I’m not panicking. I’m going to trust God with this, even though the knee jerk reaction is…Okay I want to get out of here. Yeah, I wish it was that simple. I just hope our landlord gets back to us soon. I don’t like waiting… I want to get on top of this and find out what’s next. Thanks so much for prayers!

  3. Tina, so sorry about your situation.
    At least you know the issue exists so you can work towards dealing with it.
    Pray that the landlord would act on it quickly.
    Do you have to get rid of all the stuff that has the mild on it??

    1. Thank you. I don’t know yet. I’m hoping it can just be washed or disinfected, but I have no idea until someone who knows about mold can come take a look. Apparently mold spores can be hidden in fabric, but I have no idea if washing them would be enough. Hopefully we’ll find out soon. Thanks for the prayers!

  4. Goodness Tina! I had black mold issues last year, it was awful but I dealt with it. I’ll pray about this. Will you have to throw away the clothes/shoes?

    1. At this point I have no idea what will happen. This is the first time we’ve ever dealt with mold. I just hope our landlord brings in a certified mold specialist so that it can be dealt with professionally and thoroughly. If we have to throw anything out, well, it’s just things, they can be replaced. Health is way more important. I am definitely wondering if it can be cleaned, or it will have to be tossed. I’m steering clear of the danger zone. In the spring I thought my boots had a bit of dust on them, so I cleaned them off. I guess I just spread the mold because my boots now show the most mold. So yeah, I’m not touching anything more.

      1. I will pray for this as I pray for you daily. This concerns me but I know God will help you. I am thankful our church found a new meeting place because the building was built in the 1830s and reeked of mold. The kids had bad reactions every Sunday. Our new meeting place is a lovely hotel and brand new with no mold.

        I’m sorry you’re facing this but at least it solves some of the questions regarding your health getting worse. Much love.❤

      2. Thanks so much, Viv. ❤ It concerns me too, but worry only robs today of joy, so I am giving it to God.

        Please pray that our landlord does get on top of it quicky. He's been really good about some things, but no one's perfect, so other things have not been handled in a timely manner. And you know how it is when you have to wait for things. It's not fun, especially when something is really important. Much love to you too. ❤

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