[You soften the ground with rain…]

There was something the devil didn’t want me to figure out. (Of course! Understanding means freedom and joy!) However, I did figure it out, but only because God is such a great teacher!

When I’m fighting that battle in my head, He’s fighting for me too. He’s guiding the way, and blessing it. What I figured out is that I really DO have joy with my troubles.  (Romans 5:3-5)

A Joyful Mistake?

I hate making mistakes, but my mistakes teach me so much.  Have I ever mentioned I LOVE to learn from God?  I adore it actually.  Believe it or not, I appreciate His correction. I know that there’s no way I can do this without His guidance, so I’ve been learning not to lean on my own understanding.

It’s not easy! I’m more stubborn than I realized, I’m also very zealous and gung-ho, which can be a good thing, but I do need more patience. I can try to take the lead, believing that I have this one figured out.  I get things wrong. This likely won’t be the last time I admit that I get things wrong, but that’s okay! I’m learning to forgive myself.  I’m also being humbled.

This doesn’t always feel so good, however, this is also where I find joy.  Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and change.  This is something that I love because I don’t want to be me! I want to be more like Jesus.  Why? Because the Lord is SO amazing! Nobody loves as He loves and nobody even begins to look more like Him unless they’re watered generously, and He blesses it.

I need more softening, so I’m glad that Jesus brings the rain.

Lord, thank you for the rain. Please bless the ground that you’ve watered! ❤

“You cause the rain to fall on the plowed fields.  You soak them with water.  You soften the ground with rain. And then You bless it.”  –Psalm 65:10 (NCV)


Photo by Tom Hauk on Unsplash


22 thoughts on “Come Rain and Shine

  1. Ahh I’m gonna have to listen to the song now too❤️
    Love what you have posted, reminds me of my most recent post…our mistakes cause us to seek Jesus for direction and I’m so thankful I have that hope in Him!
    Thanks for encouraging words and thoughts Tina!!!

    1. Something I’m realizing more and more is that we all struggle with different things. Maybe it’s just a matter of adjusting our perspective. When we understand why God corrects us it’s a little easier to accept it and be thankful for it. 😊 He does it for our protection, and because He loves us.

  2. I just listened to the song! I like it, Thanks for sharing it! I agree, mistakes are no picnic but we do learn a lot from them. I have gotten to the point where I’m always asking God to show me when I’m wrong because I want to learn and grow. When we make mistakes, repent, and do better, we become more like Christ. ❤️

    1. So true! And sometimes you don’t always see how God is working it for good right away. When I wrote this I hadn’t handled something as gently as I could have. (I was kicking myself for that, until I saw God work it for good… What I said wasn’t wrong, so it made this person think and admit some things. My execution just needed some fine tuning. It made both of us think. However, some lessons take a lot longer to pan out. And even many years before you see the joy in your troubles. It’s still there.

      1. Couldn’t agree more that we do not always see God’s working until much later. But when we are going through something and you reflect back on the past you remember and reassure yourself that HE is working even though we cannot see it right now or He seems silent.
        Glad that it worked out all ok with the other person.

    1. So very true! But you don’t forget the painful ones. That’s forsure! He is faithful. ❤ Thanks for the comment brother. God’s got ya.

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