As Andrew was drifting off to asleep one restful Sunday afternoon, he says to me, “I’m having some strange thoughts.”

Me: “This is normal.” (Haha)

Andrew: “You said to me, ‘You have to call me Janet’ and I said, ‘Why do I have to call you Janet?’ You said, ‘Because it’s my birth name’ and I said, ‘Okay’ and you said ‘It isn’t fair because of the Cowboy Gospel’ and I said ‘Why? What are you talking about?’ And you said, ‘They’re going to take it all off the air and then it will just be Cowboy Gospel, static, and weird noises.’”

Me: (after laughing my fool head off) “Maybe I should write a Cowboy Gospel song?”

Andrew: “I hope not. It was weird.”


My attempt at Cowboy Gospel:


Thank The Lord


I headed out in my pickup, on a dry mid-August day

Not a nickel in my pocket, nor a penny to my name

My faithful pal Sparky took the passenger side

We were ready for adventure

‘Till the dust got in my eyes.


Then the road got real rocky as my truck began to roll

Poor Sparky wasn’t belted, so my dog

God bless his soul

He took an awful tumble as he pinballed ’round the cab

Thank the Lord, no bone was broken

‘Cause I sure do love that lab.




Thank the Lord

Yes, thank the Lord

Without the Lord, we’d have no prayer

So thank the Lord He’s always there.


Well Sparky, he was battered, but the bruises they did fade

And we learned a dear old lesson

So we’ll never be the same

Though the road has many dangers

Some hidden, some defined

We thank the Lord, that He’s still there

when that road we’re on does wind.

Thank the Lord…

#NotSoSureCowboyGospelsMyCalling #NoAnimalsWereHarmedInTheWritingOfThisSong #BuckleUpPup!

(Andrew added the “pup” to my “buckle up!”  That’s like saying he’s the cheese to my crackers.  I think I just called myself crackers.)

Keep Truckin’

I had no clue that Cowboy Gospel was a real thing! It wasn’t until just after I wrote my song, that I discovered the truth. I also found the video below. I near died when I watched this video; not only is it scary accurate in comparison to what I wrote, but there was also a white pickup truck like the photo I’d chosen from

Don’t tell me that Jesus doesn’t have a sense of humor! I’m just following His breadcrumbs. Sometimes He takes me on some pretty amusing road trips. 😁 Don’t believe me? No matter. We’ll keep on truckin’ anyways. (lol) 😁

Music that Speaks

Though Cowboy Gospel may not be a genre that you’ll find on any of my playlists, I have to give kudos to these Baggy Bottom Boys; they’re serving Jesus with all their heart. This is something that makes my own heart sing. ❤ Infact, this song has a very sweet and heart warming message. So even if Cowboy Gospel isn’t your cup of joe, I’d encourage you to have a listen anyways.  It gave me both a chuckle, and an “Awwwwwwwww.” ❤  WWJD? (What would Jesus do…Indeed!)

Cowboy Wisdom:

  • There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works.
  • Generally you ain’t learnin’ anything when your mouth’s a jawin.
  • If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Cowboy wisdom was sourced from:  Some of it makes for good marital advice too. (Hehe)

*Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash


7 thoughts on “Cowboy Gospel?

  1. Tina!!! I love this!! Warmed my heart all over!

    I read through your ‘cowboy gospel’ in my head with a twang in my quiet voice just like any real cowboy would have, then when I listened to the song I confirmed that I had just the right accent for it!!

    I loved every bit of this! Always love the humor in your stories when Andrew is involved…but now I’m left with one question…is your birth name really Janet? Lol

    1. Lol. No, my birth name isn’t really Janet. That was one of the things that cracked me up. By the way, I read this with that twang in my head too. 😁 Fun stuff! Glad you enjoyed it. I watched that video a few times and got the song stuck in my head! Lol. I was singing it aloud (with the twang) and Andrew gave me a look and said, what are you singing!? Lol! 😂

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