[The mountains melt like wax]

I love a good road trip. A long drive doesn’t bother me one bit. Andrew and I can always use a change of scenery ourselves, and as we get further from our neck of the woods, the mountain views are wonderful.

It was after 5:00PM when we finally arrived at our destination and loaded the van with our guests luggage. We made a pit stop at the gas station and then the Macdonald’s drive through before we made the drive back home.

Awkward Silences

I hate awkward silences. Our first uncomfortable moment (for me at least) was when Andrew exited the vehicle to pump gas.  However, there’s never an awkward silence when Andrew’s around.  He has stories–many many stories. (Haha) I have stories too (I guess), but I’m not so comfortable reciting them allowed.

It’s no different for our two cats. They barely made a sound the whole time Tammy was with us, which is very unusual for them.  Tammy and I are both quieter people, so that evening Andrew regaled us with his tales of old.


The first thing I thought when I awoke was, what am I going to feed our guest for breakfast!? Like I said in part one, this is the sort of stuff I’m just not comfortable with. I had no plan, so I was relieved when Andrew offered to make breakfast: eggs, sausages and toast. I skipped the toast, as I have a gluten sensitivity, but Andrew makes the best fried eggs, so we all enjoyed our meal.


I debated writing this part.  It felt awkward to even write it, but that’s the point. Life is full of awkward moments.  We never get to the good stuff if we don’t endure the less than comfortable stuff.

After breakfast we had another one of “those moments,” when Andrew excused himself to use the washroom. (Our washroom is way too close in earshot.)  Let’s just say that this, not so silent, awkward silence is what finally broke the ice.

We both sat to the table trying to be casual, but as I finally glanced across the table, we both ended up bursting out laughing.  This did get us chatting a bit. Next time ’round Andrew decided it was a great plan to crank up some music. (You live, you learn.)  

Eye Have My Eye On You

Though our Tabby, Sheya, never hid, she wasn’t entirely herself until our visitor left, and the only time Jessie relaxed, slightly, was when our guest was asleep behind closed doors. However, because Tammy’s door was open a crack, Jessie kept going over to the door to keep an eye on our visitor. Since Tammy is such a huge animal lover, she found this very cute.


We spent part of the day just visiting, then we headed out to one of our favorite parks, but not before making a stop at Andrew’s parents to say hello.  Everyone was thrilled to see that Tammy was with us.

All three of us really enjoyed our walk in the park. We enjoyed the wildlife, and I was in my element as I captured pictures of all the beautiful things I saw, including the beautifully dressed newlyweds who we’re having their photos taken. It was a very peaceful change of scenery


I debated sharing this pic because neither of us were looking our best that day.  However, this is real life. It’s not a picture from a magazine. I don’t hate it. I’m at least smiling, and I’m arm in arm with my hubby. 😊 ❤


Andrew with his lovely cousin, Tammy.

image.jpg(They don’t say busy as a beaver for nothing! Love the hand at the left side of the pic)










I had no clue what I was going to do for dinner, so I asked Andrew what he had in mind.  He suggested that I use the leftover chicken to make a rice dish. This got my brain kick started.  

I did make rice, but I chose to slice and fry up the chicken thighs with some seasoning and serve that separately.  I then boiled some baby peas, and prepared a carrot slaw. The meal came together quickly, and though it was a simple meal, it was still tasty.  Tammy particularly enjoyed the carrot slaw. This is something I make as an accompaniment quite often as it’s easy and it really is quite addictive. It’s just shredded carrots and celery with my favorite dressing. (Renee’s Gourmet Dressing – Cucumber Dill)

On the Road Again

At about a quarter to 8:00PM we packed the car and drove our visitor home again. We said our goodbyes, and then drove off into the sunset.  You’ve gotta love those mountain views. Mountains really do get smaller the further on you drive, so do awkward moments. God is good.


“The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth.The heavens tell about His goodness, and all the people see His glory. –Psalm 97:5-6

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21 thoughts on “Road Trip Rescue – Part 2

  1. I love the pictures Tina! You guys look great. Thanks for sharing about the awkward moments of life. We all have them from time to time. 💕

  2. Beautiful pictures! I think it sounds like overall the visit went better than expected. It does get easier the more we attempt to engage. I am working on this as well since my instinct is to retreat .

    1. Thank you. If I weren’t motivated by what God wants I’d be inclined to retreat, too, simply because it’s much more comfortable. But then, Jesus made Himself more than uncomfortable for us.

  3. The bathroom moment lol!!! Very cool, felt like I was right there on the road trip! Great pics Tina! Sounds like it all turned out pretty good after all!
    I love at the end what you said about mountains and awkward moments getting smaller…

    1. Yep, it did turn out well. And now we are better prepared for the next opportunity. See, it’s always the “firsts” that are the most difficult. We used to have the nieces overnight, but that was different. You don’t really stress about entertaining young people. It’s those you see as your peers that stir up that awkwardness. Kids are easy. You can totally be stupid and they think it’s great. Lol. But anyways, we got the worst part out of the way. Now I have a better idea of how to tackle things should we have another guest. 😊

  4. Loved every minute of your post. I’m thankful that you even included the awkward stuff too. So many times in awkward situations it feels as though no one is quite like us and we are alone but hearing that “hosting” isn’t always easy for you, makes me feel comforted I’m not alone in this 😊 Pictures are lovely! They spoke volumes 🙏🏽

    1. Thank you. 😊 Yeah, I kind of feel as if I need to analyze what it is that makes me feel so uncomfortable hostessing. I think I still have a bit of a fear of the spotlight. When you’re on the receiving end of things it’s so much easier, but hostessing requires you to perform. I guess it’s a bit of an irrational fear.

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