[May Your unfailing love be with us…]

My story starts with a struggling, yet persevering, Peony, surrounded by weeds. This isn’t fiction. It was a scene in our backyard. It’s also a great visual representation of the season I’ve been going through. (There will be more about this Peony in another post.)

When I saw this scene before me, I had a couple of thoughts on what I was seeing, but I kept getting confused as to which direction to take this piece.  That’s when I decided I’d better pray and let the Holy Spirit lead. I wanted to see what God sees, not what I see.

When I began writing, a memory was jogged of two poems that I’d written before I ever became a follower of Jesus. (If you’re interested, both of these poems can be found here.)


Following God’s Bread Crumbs

As Andrew and I had been out and about running from the doctor to the lab, and over to our parents, it’s was so nice to see the Daisies in bloom. Every time I saw them, I was reminded of a piece that I wrote many years ago titled Thankful for the Daisies. However, for the life of me I couldn’t recall what I’d written. I felt that God was tugging at me to read this piece again, but I kept putting it off.  Then when that Peony brought my Daisy poems to mind, I was sure it was time to get going and follow God’s bread crumbs.


Has God ever made you cry?

Yeah… I’m crying.  This is what I wrote in the Spring of 2009.

Thankful for the Daisies

Spring 2009,

Praise You in this Storm… this is still one of my favorite songs.  I heard it on the drive to mom and dads today, and it still gets me teary when I focus on the words.  It still gets me teary when I reflect on the things we’ve come through. Each battle won is such a triumph.

There’s something so amazing in praising Him through the rough stuff. There’s something so rewarding in keeping a stiff upper lip and being thankful for each new day.  


Though we may not understand what God’s doing, we’re still trusting Him. God knows what He’s doing, and though we can’t always see what’s happening, He’s always there with us every step of the way.  His mercy surrounds us even in the midst of trial.

I noticed today that the Daisies are blooming (among other wildflowers.) They look so pretty.

There’s this one hill we drive by often. It’s like a piece of heaven… well, it is to me. Pink, red, and fuchsia coloured Poppies grow there. Its picture perfect. It makes me smile.

Then there’s this llama farm.  I can’t pass it without exclaiming “llama’s!” It’s kind of a tradition. To me, these things are God’s amazing mercies. There is still beauty all around us even when trials dare to break through the beauty.

This morning one of our customers phoned with an issue, and suddenly I felt anxiety starting to rise. That grey cloud threatened to pass over me, but for a change I decided to pray about it right away. It’s now God’s to handle. After I prayed, I had an idea which we’re going to give a shot. I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’m not worried.

I’m learning to give things to God more and more and to pray about everything. I’m also thankful for the Daisies.


Why Did this Make Me Cry?

I know God is always with me, but sometimes I need to feel Him close.  I’d just been saying to Andrew that I really needed to hear from God. What I read was confirmation that He was leading me every step of the way. Those breadcrumbs weren’t my imagination. In fact, reading Thankful for the Daisies was exactly what I needed to feel Him close to me again.  It’s also what I needed to complete the follow up to this post: “The Persevering Peony.”

That Stiff Upper Lip

After writing A Loving Kick in the Pants I think it’s funny that I used the term “keeping a stiff upper lip.”  I definitely haven’t kept a stiff upper lip this season; I’ve been vulnerable and open, but I’ve also learned that hiding our feelings doesn’t help anyone. Iron sharpens iron, and being real helps others to grow.

Once again, Lord, I’m thankful for the Daisies because they always lead me back to You and Your amazing, unfailing love.


May Your unfailing love be with us, Lordeven as we put our hope in you.” –Psalm 33:22

9 thoughts on “Delighted by Daisies

  1. Thanks Tina for this lovely post. I’m thankful God is with us as we go through storms. Life is not easy but He takes care of us and is faithful. I too am learning to trust Him daily ❤️

  2. I don’t see any Daisy blooming here but maybe this post is my Daisy. Remembered the song ” praise you in the storm” and I realise it’s easier for me to sing it and appreciate the lyrics than act it. Unlike you I have been keeping a stiff upper lips… I guess this post is my breadcrumb back to a fellowship with God. I don’t feel him , I am alone , scared for the result the next few months may bring… Feel my prayers bouncing back at me. But I hope it passes soon. Thanks for the encouraging piece❤️

    1. Keep looking for those “Daisies.” God is faithful, He will supply. I’ll post the second part of this post on Saturday. Perhaps it will give you some more hope and encouragement. I’ll pray that it does. Just know that God is always near to those who call out to Him, to those who come to Him in truth. (Psalm 145:18)

  3. That’s really cool! I love to go back and read some of my old posts too just to see how God brings things back full circle..he’s so amazing and faithful and never changes even when everything else does!!

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