[…when they call to Him for help]

A while back, Andrew woke up to our little grey cat, Jessie, screaming. (This is a very normal and typical scenario.)

When she wants to be fed, she cries. When she wants your attention, she cries. When she has to throw up a hairball, she really cries. And when she’s having tummy troubles, oh boy, do you hear about it. That’s our grey panther, as Andrew calls her.


He must have been pretty desperate for her to quiet down, because he gave her a time out in solitary confinement. (Aka the washroom.) He says to me, “I don’t know what to do about her screaming, It makes me want to take her back.”

Me: You could never do that. You’d miss her too much. She’s your baby.  

Andrew: Yeah, I know. (gloomy face) Everybody’s dying….  

Me: Ah! Don’t you go on that road trip again!

Neither of us expected these words to come out of my mouth, but apparently they were needed this particular morning. Andrew smiled at me as I laughed.

I was desperate too. I’d woken up feeling totally beat, but I was determined I wasn’t going to let it affect my mood. Like our little lamenting lady, I too have cried out in my own despair. 

Thankfully, God hears His people when they call to Him for help, and He rescues them from all their troubles. Those answers to our crys may not come as we expect, but we can rest assured that God intends what is both best for us and those around us. He works all things together for good for those who love Him. (Romans 8:28) He even causes good things to happen to those who reject Him. (Matthew 5:44-46Why? The Lord is patient. He wants all to come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) Remember this when it feels as if your call for help has gone unanswered. God hasn’t put you in solitary confinement, He’s patiently working things out for the best outcome possible.


There’d be no singing the blues this day! Besides, Jessie does enough caterwauling for all of us.

If you’re interested in seeing our little kitty in action (NOT being noisy), view the video at the end.  The first scene is her all grown up being held by her adoring kitty-daddy, plus a couple of frisky kitten videos.  Enjoy!

“The LORD hears his people when they call to Him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles.” –Psalm 34:17



50 thoughts on “Our Noisy Cat

      1. I did. Not any more. Had both cats and dogs. But after their natural death we didn’t pursue having them as we now move around a lot. So leaving them behind with someone cannot always be a choice.

      2. This is so true. We love both of our beautiful girls, but I said to Andrew, I think these two will be our last animal babies. Eventually you have to stop having children. I know, it probably sounds quirky. Andrew and I weren’t able to have children, so we have had many pets as an addition to our family. They’re sweet, but they do require some sacrifices. Like you said, leaving them behind with someone isn’t always an option. So we will enjoy them, but I think the next phase of life will be to embrace an empty nest.

      3. I like it! Nobody has ever called me Teens. I’ve had other variations like, Teen, Teener…ect…but Teens is new! 🙂 Yes, I did learn a while back that Tina had many different meanings in Hindi. I was surprised because I didn’t know that Tina was even a common name to India. One of the meanings that really surprised me was “clay” because me and my hubby have worked with clay, and when I was really little my younger brother and I would dig up clay from the garden and sit on the front steps of our home to make our masterpieces. So this is a very meaningful definition of my name in more than one way. 🙂

      4. Hahaha… Glad you have a new variant added to your name. Yes Tina is a very common name throughout India. And a pretty sweet name too. Teens, from all the talk of clay and your association with it you more or less sound like a down to earth person. Truly a God’s child you are and gifted too with a kind heart. It is really a pleasure to have associated with you Teens in this platform. God Bless.

      5. Awe, thank you. “Down to earth” made me smile. It’s a pleasure for me as well, Ana. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and conversing with you here on WordPress. ❤

  1. Oh goodness! That video!! Love it❤️
    My account won’t ever let me post a video..says I can’t use it with this type of account yet I pay for my account..either 40 or 60$ a year…boy idk lol

      1. …here’s the deal, I’d be weirded out having my videos on YouTube but I don’t have a problem with having them on my blog…when in reality they’d be on the internet regardless…wow I’m weird lol

      2. I totally get that. Me too. You can post them as unlisted. Then only people you give the link to can view your videos. So only people on WordPress can view that video that I posted. Cool huh? 😊

      3. The uploading of videos, or setting up a YouTube Account? Um, I think it was pretty straightforward. Uploading videos and choosing your settings isn’t difficult. You can also choose to eliminate commenting, (just in case someone decides that trolling would be great fun.) which is how I have things set up.

        By the way I would love to see a video on your blog. I used to make videos for my friends when I first started social networking, but with the roller coaster season I’m in I got away from making videos because I’m either too exhausted or I’m not feeling great about myself. I may post some old videos though. If I ever get feeling more like myself again, I might make a new video. I’m not quite there yet. God is working on it. 😊

      4. Ya I just wondered if it’s time consuming uploading the videos.

        And ya I get the feelings..love how real and raw you are..we all (people in general) struggle, we don’t all share that verbally, but we should!! because we can help one another…it’s interesting how struggles can look so different yet feelings and emotions can be so similar and we can create unity by sharing and building each other up, regardless of different life experiences.
        I hope you begin to feel uplifted!!!

      5. Amen, and thank you, Alicia. 😊 Yesterday was a rough day, but I learned some things, so God brought something good out of it. I know He uses all of it, but when I’m feeling my worst I really struggle big time. Then he teaches me something through it, and I realize oh yeah… why am I struggling with this so much. Why do I forget so quickly that God is using all of it. Duh… Anyways. He sure keeps my blog going lol. If it weren’t for the lessons, I’d have nothing to write. 😁 I

        It’s not too time consuming uploading videos. 😊

      6. I need that reminder that God can use our struggles for His glory and His purpose!! I get way to caught up with anxiety and fear…worry…😔…when honestly I know better..my head knows to do Philippians 4:6 or Philippians 4:8 but my heart and head don’t connect it together…ugh

      7. Been there, done that…still doing it. Thankfully God is patient, and keeps showing us that He’s got it all worked out. He does calm me down. Only he can do that. But then there’s no one I trust more. Yep, that trust falters, but that’s when He reminds me who He is, and draws my eyes back to Him instead of the waves. 😊

    1. Andrew used to be allergic to cats, however, 5 years ago, when the neighbors cat started coming around, he discovered that he wasn’t reacting to cats any more. I have a story to share about this. We thought our neighbor’s cat was a stray. This story will appear on my blog one of these days. 😊 Glad you enjoyed the video, Sally!

  2. Awwwww, I love the look in her eyes……I see intelligence. That’s such a good photo of you and Andrew!😍😍 I’m going to watch the videos once my data rolls over or I’m toast. Xoxo

    1. She’s very intelligent! 😊 And such a cuddly sweetie. Thanks, sis. ❤ You'll enjoy the vid. I could watch it over and over, but then they are my babies. ❤

      1. Awwwww, I loved Andrew holding her like that and talking so sweetly. She really persisted in finding her toy but I suspect mom wanted to help yet she pulled through. What crashed at the end? Oh I loved those kitties!

      2. Oh yeah, there must have been a plate with some cutlery on it. Hehe. Those cats can get pretty wild. They still run around and chase each other. It gets dangerous sometimes! Not just for them, but for us as well. But they will calm down when Andrew gives them a warning… hehe. They definitely understand tone of voice. They know when there in trouble. Glad you enjoyed the video. They are definitely interesting to watch.

      3. Oh😂😂😂 Yes, they are smart and know Dad’s “you better behave” tone of voice!! Thanks for the videos Tina!💖💕💖💕🐱🐱

      4. Oh and my kids are the same…..if they are misbehaving and my hubby as much as clears his throat, they quickly become angels. 😂😂

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