If you’re looking for a random, nonsensical post, you’ve come to the right place.  I study too much. I know I do. My problem is that I love it so much, but there is such a thing as too much study.  I’m not going to quote Bible Scripture on this one, but trust me, it’s in there.


Bee Powers

This is a little story about the Summer I had Bee powers. Yes, Bee powers.  What are Bee powers, you ask? This is the ability to control these winged home invaders with just one suggestion and the point of a finger.  I’m not talking about telepathy here. I did have to verbally command my pollinating protagonists.

Most superheroes have a backstory as to how their super powers came to Bee.  Usually it’s some sort of event. Some, such as Superman, however, are just born super. 

What’s my story? Well, to tell you the truth, I never really thought about it till now.  I assumed my abilities came out of necessity and determination. But I’m thinking twice!

One fateful Summer day, as I took a nap on the sofa, low and behold I was stung by a bold and brazen brute of a Bee.  How dare this foul fiend enter my abode with the intention of Bee-ing cruel! Forshame!

It must have Bee-n the venom of this striped trespasser that imbued me with Bee powers. A queen Bee perhaps? That makes sense.  How else would I have Bee-n able to command Bees?

It was a buzzy Summer. My unwelcome adversaries were very determined to continue breaking and entering our home. No more!  I’d have none of it! So I raised my finger high and called out, “Bee! You go outside!” I realized the gift I’d been given when every bee I commanded made a Bee-line for the window.  

I tell ya, I was proud of these powers.  I wielded them well and kept our home safe and secure. Unfortunately, my powers were short lived.  May-Bee they fell to the waist-side because I didn’t continue to practice them. Perhaps I just didn’t Bee-leave enough. However, it was a Bee-u-tiful Summer, and I was never stung again.

The End

This story is based on true events.  I did get stung one Summer, many moons ago, while resting on our sofa, and I did command Bees temporarily. Was I really gifted with super powers? I’d like to Bee-leave so. Go figure, I haven’t moved any mountains, but the Bees were shaking their knees. 



20 thoughts on “Just Bee-cause

    1. That’s an old pic. I was 30 something. 🙂 But, yep people always think I’m much younger. At a recent family thing, my sister-in-law took one look at me and said in a rather disgusted kind of tone (lol) “Ugh, you never change. lol.

      I used to really hate it when people would say that, because I’m thinking, that’s not true! At least I hope it’s not true! I’m changing all the time! So, maybe I’m aging slowly, but inwardly I’m still changing and growing.

      I was actually thinking about that the other day, and came up with this: the body may age, and the soul may mature, but don’t ever lose that childlike heart. I don’t wanna lose that. I don’t want to lose the wonder, and the goofiness. The hardest thing about the season of life that I’m in right now has been not feeling like me. I’m getting there slowly. Jesus is amazing. When I’ve had those days where I thought I was going under for sure, He’s shown me He’ll never let that happen.

      Anyways, I have jabbered on a bit, here, but yeah I’m working on balancing things out. I need a little more light and childlike. I absolutely love the deep and serious stuff, but I can forget to think “lightly.” Yeah, life can get very real, but that’s when you need that childlike heart to kick in the most– trust God, and just Bee a goof.

      1. I love what you said here! It makes a really good point ‘inwardly growing and changing’….it’s the only way to move forward when we’re walking with God.
        My mom can be pretty naive (a bit obnoxious) and sometimes it annoys me. I’ve always felt a bit responsible (almost burdened) because of her epilepsy…BUT when I focus on her childlike ways and see how committed she is to Christ and even her childlike faith, then I’m like well I guess she really does have it figured out and she handles her relationship with God with a maturity of its own❤️

      2. Absolutely. That goes back, once again, to our dependency on God. Unless we become like little children we will never enter the kingdom of God. And it takes faith to please God. Or do not lean on your own understanding. Sometimes we human beings can be too bright for our own good, or rather wise in our own eyes. God doesn’t take care of those who help themselves, He helps those who depend on Him. 😊 This has been a huge lesson for Andrew and I, but you know what? God is faithful. He does take care of those who let Him lead.

    1. Hehe. Thanks. It really is based on true events lol. So the framework of the story was already there. I just played around with the wording of things. That’s the fun bit. 🙂

      1. Haha. 😀 Well God is the author and perfector of my life, I just get to Bee the reporter. It’s a fun job. 😊

  1. This is really funny. 😄 I can relate because I don’t like bees. Especially wasps because they look stupid. You know how their legs hang down when they fly— 😂

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