[I praise the Lord because He guides me]

I’d gotten off track with my reading, so it wasn’t too surprising that this was the verse I read when I sat down to read my Bible. (That’s my Lord, His timing is perfect.) I know why I went off track; when Winter turned into Spring, I was eager to get out into the sunshine, so I took the bistro set that I’d been using indoors, and I set it up outdoors.

IMG_8838 (2)

However, shortly after doing so, we began having a good mix of clouds and rain.  I didn’t get outside as quickly as I’d hoped. (I guess I was rushing things, as I always do.)

What I should have done was set up another spot to read inside (perchance it might rain), but I didn’t think of this. Then life stuff came up, as it does, and my habit of sitting and reading was broken.


My mind had become a mess. Together, everything started to look like a mountain to me.

Thankfully, God guides and supplies everything we need, including a big sister in Him. (I needed my thoughts untangled. I couldn’t do it on my own.)

It was through bouncing things off of Ronda, and all of her questions, that I realized I needed to prioritize.


First priority was to slip back into my good habits. I needed to talk to God early in the day, and then sit and listen to Him through Scripture, thanking Him and Praising Him BECAUSE He guides me.

Since I’ve gotten back into this good habit, I’ve realized something.  Because my limited energy makes my active hours of the day short, I can’t fit Bible reading in every single day.  This is okay because I already spend a lot of time in the word as I write, and read blogs. However, reading my Bible does brings me so much peace, comfort and inspiration, so it’s something that needs to be consistent.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” –Matthew 6:33


A Sweet Friend

While I was reading and writing out Scripture one day, our upstairs neighbor’s dog (Charlie) had slipped outside.  I must have been deep in thought because I hadn’t noticed. She startled me when she sneezed. (lol) Second priority… enjoy, and focus on, the sweeter things in life. (Philippians 4:8-9)


Charlie 3.jpg

IMG_8870 (2)


IMG_8871 (2)

My own little Psalm

I will Praise the Lord because He’s with me. He will nourish me. He won’t leave me in the rain too long; I could break like an overwatered Begonia. So I’m blessed because He is faithful. I won’t be overwhelmed. I can conquer my mountains. He leads the way and gives me strength. Spending time with Him brings me peace. In His hands I am always safe and secure.

I Praise the Lord because He guides me.  Even at night, I feel His leading. I keep the Lord before me always. Because He is close by my side I will not be hurt.  So I rejoice, and I am glad.  Even my body has hope because you will not leave me in the grave. You will not let your holy one rot.  You will teach me God’s way to live. Being with you will fill me with joy. At Your right hand I find pleasure forever.” –Psalm 16:7-11 (NCV)

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6 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Great post Tina!
    I agree, I love reading scripture through writing posts and reading posts but nothing brings me peace like actually reading from the Bible.
    Love your psalm at the end too, very beautiful!!

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