I received this email from my dad last night:

“We spent this fantastic day on the porch (lanai) eating and sipping.

What a pleasant day we had. We knew that something had made a nest under our shed, we thought it was a squirrel, but towards the end of the evening we found out we we’re proud parents of, count em, five baby skunks. They are so cute. And they came out to play and we got pics of them—–until Mom came out and gave me the evil eye. She took one look at me and started to charge, but turned her back on me and I was gone gone gone. I thought I got a pic of her too, but I guess I was too freaked out. Enjoy the pics. What a great end to a fantastic day.

PS- Mom named them Stinky, Wiffy, Pooey, Phuey, and PU, who came out last.”




11 thoughts on “The Fetid Five

  1. Lol… It didn’t happen in my yard. This is my parents pridicament. πŸ™‚ They can keep the “Fetid Five” far far away.

    1. It sure is. They’re cute lil’ stinkers. He came up with some interesting defensive mechanisms for all of the animals.

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