Sometimes friendship is golden

Sometimes friendship is sweet

It’s pearls are no trinket or token

It’s value a treasure indeed.


But sometimes friendship is shaken

It’s tested and tried till it’s true

Words are hastily spoken

It’s song gets sung out of tune.


Words aren’t easily forgotten

But forgiveness is not far behind

If friendship has roots at the bottom

It’s rose has plenty of time.


Sometimes friendship is easy

Sometimes friendship is grand

It’s gifts are no meager offering

It’s miracles no sleight of hand.


But sometimes friendship gets jostled

It’s weathered, battered and bruised

Silence seems loud in the waiting

Harmony’s swapped for the blues.


Wounds aren’t easily mended

But forgiveness won’t run out of time

If friendship has roots at the bottom

It’s flower won’t fail to see light.


June 28, 2019

Tina S.W.


12 thoughts on “If It Has Roots

  1. Oh wow!!! This is beautiful and perfect timing and encouragement..I recently had a falling out with a best friend (mainly because of my sassy Paige girl) but nevertheless feelings were tossled on both ends…but recently both my friend I have realized forgiveness trumps and we can’t allow Satan a foothold!😊❤️ thank God for those roots!!

  2. Very very true words Tina. I have experienced all the above post brain injury. Most have gone away but a few have faithfully remained and have even fought for the friendship. It’s all grace but I’m learning to hold everything (especially people) in a opened hand.

    1. I’m sorry that you’ve lost friends. It’s hard to lose people we care for. It’s through the tough stuff that we learned who our true friends are isn’t it? Thankfully Jesus is the friend who will never fail. As Michael W. Smith sang, “friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of them. He’s the glue that keeps us together! ❤

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