I Praise Him because He is fair

Everything He does is right

Every word He speaks is true

He breathes life into the lifeless

He paints the sky by His great wisdom

He spares no detail, calling every star by name.


My Lord is worthy of my Praise

He rescues and protects me

You comfort me and surround me in your love

You teach me what is good

You correct me when I’m wrong

I love to study Your ways and learn from You

It brings me joy to know that You’re with me.

I won’t be overwhelmed

No trap will snare me


Lord, when I’m weak, You’re my strength

You and You alone can Save

You have overcome the world

You’ll arrive on the clouds, and every knee will bow

Because You have done great and mighty things

I’ll see Your goodness all of my days

I’ll go out leaping once again


Lord forgive the sins I cannot see.  

Those who receive Your forgiveness are happy

They’re tears will be dried, and there will be no more pain

They store up their treasures in heaven

They look forward to Your appearing

We tell of the good things that you have done

You will not let us be disgraced


I Praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made

You loved me while I was still a sinner

You forgive me before I even ask

You provide everything I need

How wonderful it is to be in the presence of the King

He sings over us with gladness

I will sing of His great love

Because He is worthy of my Praise.


Tina S.W.

June 21, 2019


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