[Don’t weary of doing good]

They say that cat’s don’t listen, however, I know from experience that this isn’t true. They’re stubborn, but they do pay attention to your tone and gestures. They even learn.  Infact, they’re quite curious and intelligent critters.

Recently we weren’t able to get to the pet store before closing time, so Andrew ran over to the grocery store and picked up a brand of cat food we wouldn’t normally buy. We call it “junk food.” (The proof is in the pudding; they went crazy for it.) Like children on pizza night, they were excited and over-eager for their meal.

Our Tabby (Sheya) was up on the counter in the blink of an eye, but I shooed her away.  She was up again in a flash, so I used a stern voice to address her, then picked her up and placed her on the floor.


Knowing full well that she’d try again, I watched her. Before she made her next move I cautioned her with the same tone, “Don’t you do it.” 

With my finger pointed warningly at her, I gave her “the look.” She had a change of mind, walked over to me instead, and then rubbed up against my leg. (lol)

Even more recently, as she was about to jump up on the counter, I stared her down and told her, “noooooo.” She didn’t even attempt to jump up on the counter once.  Again, she chose to rub up against my leg instead. 

People are Just Like Animals

We can me stubborn, but we do have eyes and ears. Sometimes I believe that what I’ve said or written has fallen on deaf ears.  Later I may find out that I was wrong when a friend or family member tells me that something I’ve shared made them think.  

God answers prayers, and He works through those who are willing to listen and make themselves useful.  He changes hearts and minds, so don’t become weary in doing good.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” –Galatians 6:9

9 thoughts on “The Third Times The Charm (Don’t give up!)

  1. Enjoyed this. Yes , we should not grow weary of doing good. Amen to that.
    And I love your cat’s photos. My dog would give me his puppy dog eyes and I feel like he says “C’mon you cannot say no to this face. “

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