How nice it would be if you lived close by

We could chat and laugh over a cup of tea

If only we were neighbors

We’d do neighborly things

Whatever you needed, you’d know you could ring.


Maybe I’m old fashioned

But I’m sure it would be sweet

To have a friend like you close by

And if you were troubled, I’d lend you my ear

I’m sure you’d reciprocate, if I shed a tear


How nice it would be to be couple friends

We could share a meal or watch the sun set

What a blessing it would be to meet face to face

I’m sure we’d be glad to share the same space


But God chose to plant you in a distant land

I can only hear your kindness upon the breeze

Still it’s nice to share smiles across the miles

And it’s an honor to pray for you on bended knees


Tina S.W.

May 24, 2019


❤ Dedicated to my sweet friend Alicia.  You’ve been such an encouragement to me. Thank you. ❤


For His Purpose (Blog)


30 thoughts on “Smiles Across the Miles

    1. That’s what everyone says. (Hehe) I’m 45 now, but when I turned 40 our nephew’s girlfriend’s jaw dropped when she heard that I was turning 40. She said, I didn’t know that! :O I don’t know what the secret is. When we got married everyone thought I was 16. (I was 21. Andrew was 20)

      1. Haha same with Nate and I, we married young..he was 19 and I was 20…now we’re 34 and 35 …but some days I think I feel and look 55, I stress too much, that’s my problem!!
        Well you look beautiful…and young!!!!

      2. Oh hush, you don’t look anywhere close to 55 from the pics I’ve seen of you. I know what you mean though. I feel like I’ve suddenly aged 5 years in the last 2 years. For me it’s the health struggles. Plus I’m at the age where hormones are all over the map, so my emotions are too. Thank you. I don’t take pics often these days because I haven’t felt like myself. I’m fighting out of the dark though. I’ve been resenting having to fight so hard, but God is great at giving me a kick in the pants. (In a gentle, but firm way.) We have what we need in Him, now the key is to live like we do.

      3. Yup I hear ya! I’ve been getting lots of gray hair and Nate wants it to stay natural and for me to not color it but I’m having a hard time with it…feel so ugly:/

      4. I’ve been growing my hair out for almost two years now. It’s difficult to tell in my photos because I still have a lot of brown hair in there. The only thing that drives me crazy is the fly away silvery hairs at the top of my head. Because I have a lot of brown hair still, I’ve tried using mascara to tame it. (Hehe) It actually works, but I’ve been toying with the idea of gel. It has to be something a bit thick because they are stubborn hairs! I don’t know. Change is difficult. I can’t go back to dying my hair though. I became sensitive to hair dye. Plus I don’t like the idea of continually putting those chemicals on my head. Yeah, the hardest thing is when you don’t feel like yourself. So I’m trying to learn to adapt to my natural aging hair. Growing older gracefully is a challenge!

      5. Ya I agree with all you said…I feel the exact same…I’m pretty sure hair dye isn’t good with my scalp psoriasis lol but I just get desperate…I’m betting I have more gray than you though my’s pretty gray:/ but I did do a Pinterest board with gray hair like you had suggested one time and I saw a lot of pretty ideas, so I’m trying to embrace it with a positive attitude!:)

  1. I felt like I had to respond quickly the first time but I have extra time right now so I’m catching up on your blog.. I think I’ll print these words off and make a book mark for myself (and attach your name as author) if you don’t mind?❤️🙂

  2. Lol I went to reply to this comment and I think I hit reply before I meant to so I’m gonna try this again…
    It was on my ‘I’m Being Weird’ post that I mentioned we were going to Germany.
    Congratulations to you and Andrew on 24 years and his birthday as well! You two look too young for 24 years of marriage!!!😉❤️

  3. We hosted a foreign exchange student two years ago from Germany and were very close to her so we came to visit…I wrote we were coming here at the very end of my last blog..been here since May 28, and leaving on Monday..we’ve had loads of fun but I do miss home…I’ll definitely post pics and have wanted to but seriously have had no time, she’s shown us a fantastic time but has kept us on the go!!😀
    Thank you so much..take care! ❤️❤️

  4. Oh very sweet my friend!! Thank you so much, made me tear up!!! I’m missing reading blogs and posting so much while being in Germany…love being here, it’s been a neat experience but very busy and on the go…I’m ready to get back home to my normal again🙂 Thanks again Tina, love you friend!!!❤️❤️🙂

    1. Oh wow! Germany!? Enjoy the rest of your trip! I hope you’ll share some pics! I’m sure you’ll have some things to share about your adventure!

      Yes, I understand wanting to get back to normal. The last time we took a trip, a week away from home was about all I could take. We had a wonderful time, but there’s no place like home. Love you too Alicia. ❤ Safe travels. ❤ Prayers go up….love comes down. ❤

    2. Somehow I missed that you were going to Germany. Hmm…now I’m wondering if I missed your post or if I missed the ending. I must admit, my focus isn’t always great. I shall have to pop over to your blog and take a look! I did read your post from Germany regarding homeless people, but I haven’t had a chance to comment yet. It’s been a busy weekend. We’re celebrating Andrew’s birthday and our 24th Anniversary. Tonight we’re out with Andrews parents. I will catch up on your blog soon! Oh…I already replied to this? Yep, my brain isn’t with it right now.

    1. He sure has! Thanks for being one of those people. Your posts are always truthful and encouraging. This is much appreciated. ❤

    1. Awwwww. I’m glad to know you Vivian. Your sweet heart is encouraging. You made me smile this morning. Thanks for that. ❤

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