Because Andrew and I share our home with two cats, we always leave the bathroom door open while we’re showering or bathing so that our girls can come and go to do their business. (Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a “tmi” talk about our cats business.)


If Andrew decides to jump in the tub first thing in the morning, I usually grab my breakfast and sit down in the chair next to the computer.  From this spot he can see me as I eat, and we can chat.

On this particular morning, I chose, instead, to sit down at the table to the left of the computer.  (From here Andrew can’t see me at all.)  

We’d been chatting away with each other for a while when my sweety says to me, “Okay, level with me, are you invisible?” It took me a minute to register what he was asking me. Then I laughed and responded, “What!???” He says to me, Where are you? I could have sworn you sat down in the chair.”

The question he posed was pretty funny.  After the fact, besides enjoying the way that Andrew says things, I found it amusing that when he asked me if I was invisible, I was thinking metaphorically. (I thought he was asking me if people saw me.) I have, from time to time, wondered this myself. Likely, at some point, we all find our selves wondering if we’re invisible.

Andrew may not always see me, but there’s One who sees it all: God.  He knows us and loves us in a way that nobody else ever could.  However, instead of accepting His love and guidance, we may choose to sit at a distance.  Nevertheless, no distance is too great for Jesus, who came down from heaven to bridge that gap by dying for us. ❤ (Romans 5:8)

“You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar.” —Psalm 139:2

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