I don’t want to cry, “Life’s passing me by!”

It’s time to pause, to ponder and reflect

But my mind is so tired

It’s out like a light

Gone into hiding

Good day and goodnight


I don’t want to process

Too tired to pray

Don’t know what I need

Not a clue what to say


So I’ll tap out my thoughts

’cause they’re tired of the fight

I’m okay, this will pass

I have wings

I’ll take flight


And one day I’ll soar!

I’ll chase the wind and touch the sky

I’ll dip my wings and then I’ll smile

To every passer by


Can’t you see the day is coming?

Don’t you feel it in the air?

There’ll be sunshine on my shoulders

There’ll be days so fine and fare


You can call it wishful thinking

As for me I’ll call it faith

It’s the hope that can’t be stolen

It’s the prize that I have claimed


Even when I cannot feel it

It’s the joy that never dies

It’s the hand that holds tomorrow

It’s my Jesus at my side. ❤



March 16, 2019



9 thoughts on “The Joy that Never Dies

  1. Great point!!! I can’t sleep early this morning lol but I am tired so my thoughts be choppy…I’m thinking of the verse from James (I believe) where he says …when our faith is tested and we have troubles, it’s an opportunity for joy. When faith is tested, our endurance has a chance to grow. James 1:2 & 3..I ended up having to google search it lol because my brain isn’t quite awake)

    I’m definitely gonna listen to that song today, had no idea Nickelback had music with some faith references..very cool!!

  2. Beautiful!! I can so relate to this…feeling distant from hope or even God for that matter, but awareness of it makes all the difference!! Once I become aware I can then focus on the
    issue and strive to repair it but I have to include Jesus…I’ve learned that sharing our struggle with someone (a fellow Christian) is the best way to get better, we’re then held accountable 🙂 I’ve been trying to keep this idea close at ❤️

    1. Amen. Writing helps too, though I don’t enjoy sharing the struggle. I know God wants me to go there though. When we are weak then we are strong. The amazing thing about the trials is that you really learn Scripture. I mean REALLY learn it.

      I prayed for deeper understanding. Yeah I didn’t realize what that would mean, but it’s not going to stop me praying for things that could cause pain and suffering. I don’t want to miss out on anything God has to offer. I don’t want to miss out on the blessing because I was affraid of the pain.

      I don’t say that when I’m in pain of course, but joy always comes after the pain….or the rain. I’ve got a song for you. It’s not a Christian band (technically) Nickleback does, however, have Christian band members so there is a Christian influence there. (It sometimes comes out in there music), but other times not so much.. lol.

      Anyways, I love that this song has some of that Christian influence in it.

      Man I really love this song… especially that line “Everybody says we need Salvation, but nobody wants to be saved.” That applies to all of us. As Christians we struggle with God too. He’s saying okay, this has to go…and we’re going, “but I can’t…I need that.” No we really don’t.

      Listening to this song again made me realize something. Joy does come in the morning, meaning that sorrow, pain and sadness doesn’t endure. Joy has it’s due Season, but as I watched that video and watched the rain coming down, I thought it comes in the rain too. We just don’t always feel it in the pain. (It’s difficult to feel it when you’re depressed or your grieving), but the whole time God is watering us and watching us grow. There is joy there. Okay now I’m pretty jazzed. 😀 I love to learn.

      1. Hey will you send the name of the song..I went to listen just now actually and it deleted the video and just shows a weird format without a name or anything

      2. Hmm…is this a problem with my site or a phone issue? Weird stuff going on with the vids. That’s for sure! The song is After the Rain/Nickleback

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