This post is for Alicia of  For His Purpose  who was curious about the crafty things that I’ve made.  I don’t have a shop myself, but Alicia does!  You can check out her beautiful items Here on her blog.

I will have a regular blog post tomorrow, but for this lovely lady I’m doing a little “Show and Tell.”




For the most part Andrew and I have made urns for pets… explained in my About, but we have tried our hand at other items (just couldn’t find the market for them.)  The business side of things is not my strong suit! Apart from urns, here are some pics of the things we’ve made.







Special Order urns we made for Andrew’s aunt and uncle.














Felt, Fimo, Cardboard, Paper






Telescope is made from cardboard…legs are a bit of thin dowling.  Love my fimo puppy!


Building is made from a box, cardboard, plaster, paint and glue. Snow was made from a styrofoam ball.


My niece and I made the fimo cakes and goodies for the bakeshop, together.


Love my mandrin orange box houses! 😀  They’re not completely finished.  I only completed one of the roofs.  (I used sand paper for the shingles on the middle house.) Mailbox is made from cardboard also.




This was a printer pattern I found on Pinterest.  It was pretty fun.  It was just a simple wreath, so I added the rolled paper roses and green paper leaves for a bit of interest. And last, but not least, below is the only quilt I’ve every made. It was fun, but quilting is an expensive hobby! Fabric is not cheap!



7 thoughts on “Show-and-Tell

    1. Thank you. ❤ It's been a while since I've done anything crafty. All these pictures of my projects really inspire me. Part of me would love to have a project to work on, but the health stuff keeps me from even attempting anything. It's complicated, as you know well. However, I'm trying to see my health stuff in a new light. It gives me more time to spend with the Lord. I should actually cherish this. The spirit is willing…the flesh is weak. The Lord is able though. His will…not ours.

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m amazed, your projects are sooooo beautiful ❤️🙂

    This post of yours quickly became a family gathered event lol…we scrolled back and forth and ewed and awed over everything. And when we got to the bakery I thought Mc was going to jump through my phone:) She aspires to be a baker one day so she was freaking-out impressed🙂🙂🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing these photos, I love it all and the crocheted blanket is gorgeous!!!!
    You have some serious talent lady!!

    1. Thank you. ❤ I'm glad everyone enjoyed viewing my crafty projects. The bakery was a lot of fun, especially because I did work on all the items in the window with our niece Amber.

      I should have better pics of the bakery items. My niece even made a loaf of bread packaged in a plastic bag that she made. I have no idea how she made the little plastic bag. She also made chocolate chip cookies. I can't remember what else there is. I'll have to find the box it's stored in one day and take a look at it all again. But I do know that she made a little cat, and a cardinal for the bare branch trees that I'd made. I Definitely need better pics.

      1. Oh my goodness!! I don’t know how you guys could do all the intricate detail!!? It’s so amazing! What type of material is used for the bakery items and on the people did you do their faces and everything?

      2. That’s Fimo. It’s a bake-able modeling clay. Yep, I did the faces… the bears faces and paws… and the puppy dog. It’s pretty cool stuff. I guess I was destined to work with clay in all it’s forms… whether modeling clay, potters clay, or liquid clay as we used for ceramics. A funny little fact. When I was writing my piece called “What’s in a name” I found out that in hindi one of the meanings for Tina is clay. I thought that was cool!

      3. That is so neat!! And clay is used as such a relatable and understandable Biblical concept.
        I’ve seen little jewelry pieces for earrings (like food etc) made out of clay and wondered what it was..probably fimo🙂 it looks so challenging to work with.
        I remember in art class, growing up, I always looked forward to the times we got to do clay projects and I was terrible lol but still enjoyed working with it; Nate on the other hand made some cool coil pots, he was pretty talented with it…but I think we only have 1 of his pots left, his mom threw em away years ago, not sure why.

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