I wish you could know the love that I’ve found

How worthy and kind every word

A treasure I’d never be willing to trade

The best news that I’ve ever heard


For I’ve found in His letters a lasting hope

These pages don’t cease to provide

A message of promise through and through

A faithful friend at my side


Unending, unfolding and bending me so

An answer as sweet as can be

Calling, catching, chasing, chiding

Changing the very heart of me


There is no end to the hunger I’ve found

A thirst that only the truth can subside

Don’t tell me these pages are empty words

The proof’s in my heart, and my God is alive.



January 13, 2019

9 thoughts on “Read Letters

    1. Thank you. My heart just sort of spills out when I write poetry. I know that not everyone appreciates poetry, but it’s one of my things. I don’t even know why I started writing poetry. I can’t remember when I started even. The earliest I can remember writing poetry was the year my family started celebrating Christmas. (The year my parents purposely got themselves dis-fellowshipped from the JW’s) It was the first time my family ever celebrated Christmas. I think I was maybe 12 years old. It made an impact on me. I had a note book full of poetry about Christmas… lol. I kind of wish I kept it. I threw it out a several years back because I thought it was ridiculous. Now I’m curious about what I wrote about Christmas. lol. I don’t know if that’s when I started writing poetry, but that’s the earliest that I can recall.

      1. Oh gosh I hear ya…I’ve thrown away some writings too because of their ridiculous content and now I’m like hmmm I wonder…

        I’m definitely admiring poetry as I get a little wiser each day. I thought it was a bit too gushy for the longest time but now I really respect it:)

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