A Sister


A sister is for sharing

She shows you that she cares

A sister’s always willing to do anything she can


A sister is for sorrows

She’ll pray for your tomorrows

A sister’s always ready to reach out her kind hand


A sister is a treasure

Her love, it can’t be measured

She listens, she’s supportive, she cheers,

She’ll be your fan


For a sister is a joy

She’s a blessing, she’s a friend

Through any kind of weather

And down roads that wind and bend


So a sister should be cherished

For the lovely things she’s done

For these things, they can’t be purchased

They are offered out of love.


January 3, 2019



Dedicated to Ronda.  I was never happy with the last poem that I wrote for you.  It’s amazingly difficult to write a decent poem when your emotions are off kilter, but I was just so grateful that I had you to speak with on one of my worst days. I hope this poem is better. ❤


Brother B


B is for bravo!

B-cuz you keep fighting the good fight!

B is for blessing.

B-cuz I’m blessed you’re one of mine.

B is for brother.

B-cuz I’m glad to call you such

B is for bright.

B-cuz I know you’ll shine His love.

B is for beautiful

B-cuz that’s what friendship is.

B is for bountifully

B-cuz this is how you give.

B is for believer

B-cuz your faith is in our God.

And last, but never least

B–it stands for Bob.

January 3, 2019

Thanks for the many years of friendship Brother B!  I’ve always enjoyed our theological discussions. You’ve been a real encouragement to me.  And in case I haven’t said it enough, your prayers and your brotherly support are always appreciated. ❤


B-cuz  I “C” U


I see you

Even when you are lost

I know the truth

For the truth is the cross


When all you hear is lies

And nothing’s making sense

I vowed I’d never give up

You will always have my best


Just remember that you’re loved

And that fear is just a lie

If I must say it all again

I will say it one more time


For God is not done yet

He has planned for you much more

I’ll keep driving home this truth

‘Till those lies, they are no more


So hang on tight to hope

For I know it’s always there

And when you need a friend

You know I always care.


For tomorrow’s not today

And there awaits a brighter tomorrow

But the things we don’t give up

They will only cause us sorrow


So it’s one day at a time

And one brave step after another

You’ve got a sister by your side

And in you, I’ve gained a brother.


January 3, 2019



Dedicated to my “twin.” (Chris) You’re never alone, Bub! Never forget it!!!! I’ll always share My Umbrella with you. ❤

“A friend loves at all times; and a brother is born for adversity.” –Proverbs 17:17


Chuck (For All)


For all the times you’ve lent an ear

For all the prayers you’ve prayed with love

For smiles and laughs and pleasantries

I’m so thankful Brother for all of these.


For family to share both the good and the bad.

For friendship that’s grown for this I am glad

For my heart is lightened, my burdens too.

I’m so thankful to God for a brother like you.


Tina S.W.

January 11, 2013

Dedicated to my big brother in Jesus, Chuck Bassett—my mentor and my friend. ❤




Birds of a feather flock together

I’m so glad to have you flying with me!

My beautiful friend, you’re a truly sweet find

Thank you so much for the company!


January 4, 2019



Dedicated to Diane Hearn.  You’re a keeper sweet sister! ❤





What can I say about Daryl N.V.?

Something that won’t cause Kat to maim me…

I once wondered why he and Andrew were friends

Hey—at least I did come around in the end!


In truth, he’s really not such a bad guy

Did he do the changing or was it just I?

A little of both, but this poem is the worst!

Hey—a poem about Daryl is a shocking new first!


That being said, I still owe him some props

He endures all my emails

(Just my brain’s rambling chops…?)

Hey—at least that sentence did, in fact, rhyme!

Plus—I’m glad I know Daryl

He’s all good, and that’s fine.


So maybe not ALL good

But you catch my drift

He’s still a brother from another mother

And I’m thankful that he is!


January 4, 2019



Hmm… I’m not sure that last verse came out quite the way that I intended it to, but if this poem gives Daryl a smile (better yet a laugh) then the goal was achieved! Thanks Daryl “I hate my middle name” Vandenberg, for putting up with my emails and being someone that I can trust to run things by.  Thanks also for the prayers. 🙂 ❤



12 thoughts on “The ABC and D’s of Siblinghood

    1. 5 brothers! Wow! I grew up with 3 brothers…no sisters…and all my cousins were males as well. Technically I did have a couple of female cousins, but I didn’t see them very often, so I was surrounded by guys. Because of this I think I also ended up with more brothers in Christ, but I’ve been praying for more sisters, and God seems to be surrounding me with more sisters now which has been really nice. 🙂

      1. That’s sweet!!! I grew up around just boys too, until a couple years ago when my sweet little sister was born the day before my 16th. Birthday!!! She’s a miracle and a blessing!!!🌸

      2. Awwww. Well it sounds like she will be blessed to have a wonderful big sister. It’s nice to meet you Joy. I’ll have to take a closer look at your blog. 🙂

  1. I sat in tears as I read the first. Thank you but you didn’t need to the first was fine. God gave us each other for this walk called life and that’s a blessing

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