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It’s that time of year again.  I don’t know about you, but for me, a brand new year means it’s time to look at the days ahead with some hope and motivation.

Getting through the Winter months isn’t always easy, especially if you struggle with S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder.) With a cold snap comes the desire to hibernate, but since I prefer to keep moving, I want to take last years “Trek On” message and expand on what I wrote.


Last year’s motivation was taken from a Joshua Micah song called “Who Says?” One of the lines that really spoke to me was this line: “Who says you’ll never feel alone in the crowd?”

At times, I have felt alone in the crowd whether it was because I felt that I didn’t share the same thoughts or heart as others, or because I can simply be quite introverted. This just means that I naturally prefer to listen and think. In other words, most people know me to be on the quiet side. My closest friends, however, know that I can also be a jabber pot when the mood strikes. While I’ve come to accept my layers, I also feel that it’s not such a bad thing to challenge my comfort zone.


It’s okay to feel alone in the crowd.  Depending on the crowd, sometimes this is even a good thing. However, being a part of a crowd (particularly having your own close knit community that you can depend on) has its benefits.  If you’re wondering how “Where’s Waddles?” fits into this post you’re about to find out!  

Show Up!

Emperor penguins are a very communal bunch. They have to be.  When temperatures plummet, emperor penguins must huddle together for warmth; it’s a matter of survival. It’s no different for us. (Ecclesiastes 4:11-12)

We, too, need that warmth in a world that can leave us feeling cold. When we come together we can encourage and spur one another on.  This can, and does, warm our hearts, helping us to keep trekking on, but we have to show up!


Taking Breathers

Here’s something that’s quite interesting: emporer penguin huddles aren’t static. A penguin huddle is constantly shifting and moving. Even in those very frigid temperatures a huddle can cause penguins to overheat. Therefore, those in the center of things have to sometimes make their way out of the huddle to cool off. We too may need to break free from the huddle for a breath of fresh air, but then we have to get back to the crowd once again for warmth. Don’t bury your head in the snow for too long.



I chose “Where’s Waddles?” as the title for this post because as I was watching a nature show with Andrew, the image of a penguin huddle sparked the thought of one of those “Where’s Waldo?” pictures. The thing is, sometimes we can get a bit lost in the crowd, but other times we simply choose to forego the crowd altogether. If you’re willing, however, challenging yourself can make a world of difference. It’s detrimental to remain static. If we don’t keep moving we, too, will either grow cold or over heat.

Get a Move On!

If you’re feeling lost in the crowd, check out last year’s post, Trek On, for your pep talk. If you’re the one missing from the crowd, make this year the year to seek out a supportive and friendly community.

Being that church is made up of imperfect people, who are growing at different rates, don’t be so quick to judge. After all, we’re all still a work in progress.  A church family is meant to be that positive support where real people, with real challenges can encourage and pray for one another. Friends and family can also add to that warmth.  To keep moving we have to kick those old habits and discouraging thoughts to the berg.  All they really do is freeze us in place. Trek on…

winter-1142029_1920(All images in this post courtesy of Pixabay.com)

“Let us hold firmly to the hope that we have confessed, because we can trust God to do what He promised.  Let us think about each other and help each other to show love and do good deeds. You should not stay away from the church meetings, as some are doing, but you should meet together and encourage each other. Do this even more as you see the day coming.” –Hebrews 10:23-25



18 thoughts on “Where’s Waddles?

  1. I’ve always been uncomfortable as a member, more at ease as the guy up front. So this is a good reminder/motivator for me about the upside of “waddling in.” Thanks!

  2. Not sure how I missed penguins…
    Great post, loved the analogy to the huddle. Those on the outside blocking the wind, “taking a hit” for the others (serving)…then getting brought back into the group to warm up, until they get so “fired up” they have to go out and serve again.

    1. That’s awesome. I love how two different perspectives can come out of one analogy. God gives us what we need, when we need it. Not surprised you missed this post. Sometimes it’s just God’s timing.

  3. Perfectly timed post Tina! I love this….January and February are my two worst months for wanting to be a homebody, I get some depression going on and then allow it to lead..this post is encouraging, we have to grab SAD by the reigns and take control, it so helps gaining insight from God’s word too so I don’t fall for the enemy’s depressing lies.

    1. Thanks Alicia! I’m definitely feeling that struggle these days myself. Focusing on the word of God and loving on others helps a lot. Even if I find myself isolated due to our health problems keeping in contact with my online peeps is a real blessing. Thanks for being one of my peeps! I really appreciate the encouragement and the community. ❤

      1. Absolutely I agree!! So far I’ve not experienced any negative on here, praise God!!
        My youngest daughter and I started doing a regular yoga routine recently and the thought of yoga kinda creeped me out initially lol because I think some people do it for weird reasons but I don’t much about that..but what I do know is that when we do our yoga workout I just focus on God and I relax and seriously feel soooo rejuvenated and healthy after we’re finished..I love it! I’ll have to do a post on it sometime when I know how to word it because I don’t want to freak people out and make think think I’m some kind of hippie that’s trying to be all intune with “false gods” or whatever lol

      2. Lol…I understand your hesitation. People will focus on all sorts of things that cause a division. I don’t know if they do it intentionally, or if they do it ignorantly (maybe there are two types of people) but either way they miss the point that God judges the heart.

        So yeah…I get it. And then of course the devil gets his claws in there, and will cause you to struggle with whether you should say something. I guess I have to remember that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear, so if I’m getting anxious about a post, likely my anxiety is coming from the insecurities and doubts that he’s planting. Gotta pull out those weeds!

        Thanks for the conversation Alicia. It helps me to put things into the proper perspective. We’ve gotta communicate! Things don’t become clear unless we talk them through. I appreciate your friendship and the company as well. ❤

      3. You always make me smile when I read your comments! Love your wise words and I too need to remember that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear!!Thanks for the needed reminder!!
        When I responded this morning in the messages Nate said well you’re gonna make us late for church and I said well I’m messaging my friend Tina right now! Lol love that God can be included and form friendships between people even if it involves using ridiculous electronic devices (I’m not a huge fan of electronics btw BUT for blogging purposes it’s been a blessing;)

      4. Lol! Oh no! Don’t make yourself late on my account! Nate will say I’m a bad influence on you. Hehe…

        Over the years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with computers/internet. I love my friends…I wouldn’t have met any of them without the technology, but there have definitely been times when I’ve wanted more face to face interaction with people. I wouldn’t trade my friends though… They’ve all helped me to grow and been a support so they will forever have a place in my heart. Thanks for being one of my friends Alicia. I love hearing about your family and what God’s got going on in your neck of the woods. 🙂 ❤

      5. I definitely love technology for (like you said) the simple fact of staying connected with FRIENDS! Even a quick text or message means so much and might have otherwise went unsaid due to the busy-ness of life so it’s a huge blessing for that!;) I’m so thankful to be one of your friends as well, it’s been fun to get to know you (and Andrew a bit too) because of WordPress and most importantly God’s perfect planning❤️

  4. Ughhh I have SAD and it’s horrible. I thrive in sunlight and warmth and when it’s cold, damp and dark, my mood and attitude tend to reflect it. I am definitely looking forward to Spring and Summer!! I love when it doesn’t get dark until 8pm!

    1. I hear ya! I’m a SAD sufferer too. This year, for whatever reason, has been a real challenge. My body wants to hibernate, and my mood has been a yo-yo. I’m definitely dreaming of those warmer and brighter months myself. Everything is just so much easier to handle in the sunshine isn’t it!? Let’s keep seeking God’s light! He’ll get us through. 🙂 I’ve got ya on my prayer list Casey. I’ll make a note of the SAD. Have you tried a SAD light? I use one myself. It does help some.

      1. Alright! Let me tell ya! First off, a SAD light isn’t cheap, but it’s a good investment. The reason we struggle so much in the Winter (those of us who suffer from SAD) is because not enough light (at the right intensity) reaches the back of the eye. A SAD light provides the right type of light. You set it up in front of you for 20-30 mins or so. (You don’t look directly at it) I usually read my Bible while I’m using my light to pass the time. You can even turn it on and shine it off the wall. The brightest of it can definitely lift your mood. I think I actually need to start doing this besides my morning routine.

        When I failed to start using it early enough one year my fatigue became very severe, so a lack of light can definitely dramatically effect your health. This is the one that I use:


      2. No problem! Every little bit helps. I don’t know if I’d even get out of bed if I didn’t use my SAD light. It does make a difference. I don’t know if it works for everyone, but when I did fail to use it for too long I definitely took a nose dive!

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