[He doesn’t ignore those in trouble]

anuary 5, 2010

It’s a dark, rainy night as we make the drive home from Mom and Dad’s. As the words come through our radio, I’m thankful for the good times as well as the not so good times. The song that’s playing on the radio is Mercy Me’s “Bring the Rain,” and boy is it speaking to me.

Things aren’t perfect, but I know that I’m blessed. I’m inspired even because I understand that the tough times bring us lessons too.  Of course, there are those moments when I hope this long trekked road will finally take a turn for the better, and on occasion I do wish that things weren’t so trying. To tell you the truth, there are days when I’d really love a vacation from it all, but I also understand that I’m learning some things through this wet season; I’m learning what I can do without, but more importantly, I’m learning what I can’t do without, or rather Who I can’t do without. I’m also thankful that He (my Jesus) never leaves.

Knowing that this long trekked road brings me closer to my Lord, I’m grateful.  With this thought I become overwhelmed and my eyes fill with tears. You’ll understand why if you’ve been there; if you have even a small understanding of how great His love is; and if you know God’s face, for to know His face is to be in His presence. Words just don’t do justice to what it means to belong to Him.  It’s more than just a comfort to know that you’re being held through every circumstance: it’s an assurance that the rough ways do become smooth again and that the story will end well.

Convinced that I’m never alone, I have no doubt that it’ll all pan out; in the long run I know that I’ll even be better for it.  God does answer prayers, even if it’s a reminder through song to keep on keeping on. I’m certain that it will all be worth every trial and tear.  What’s a little rain, right? After all, I have God’s promise that one day all of my tears will be wiped away for good.  That means that nothing we must go through is ever a waste and that this pain and struggle we face right now is nothing compared to the joy that we’ll receive at Jesus’ appearing. Therefore, with a glad heart, I can appreciate and understand the words that come through our vehicle’s speakers: “And I know there’ll be days when this life brings me pain, but if that’s what it takes to praise You, Jesus, bring the rain.”

He [The Lord God] does not ignore those in trouble. He doesn’t hide from them but listens when they call out to Him. –Psalm 22:24

Lord Jesus, thank you for listening and not hiding Your face from us when we call out to You. ❤

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5 thoughts on “Revealing Rain

  1. It never fails that every time I post, I go back to scroll and I find one of your post that mirrors exactly what I’m feeling.
    So blessed to have your words speak to me, my WordPress bestie! Oh, how I have missed you!

    1. Awww thanks Tifa! I’m so glad that God is encouraging you through my posts. It goes both ways. We are family in Him. We have to stick together. I have missed you too!!!!! As soon as I saw your post pop up in my email I had to read it immediately! Awesome thoughts and truth as expected. ❤

  2. Sweet post and song, as usual! Love that thought that—‘circumstances don’t change who we are in Christ’
    I love, love, love that!!!

    I don’t think I had heard that song before😍

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