9 thoughts on “Church (Online)

  1. Also I ….think….my phone is working again…whoop whoop..I had to clear my cookies/cache whatever that is and it seems to be recognizing who I follow on WordPress again!!! gotta celebrate the little things;)

      1. Ya do you use a phone to do your post? Or do you ever have trouble with it glitching? Like I’ll be editing/writing a post and then go to highlight a few words to make bold and it will highlight the next paragraph or two and makes it super hard to control the words I want to highlight or italicize. It’s kind of irritating.

      2. I post from my tablet. I do have some issues, but I think that’s mostly because I lag on my tablet a lot. I need more space. I have to constantly clear my files to make room. So likely not enough memory. I should get rid of more photos, that might make my tablet run more smoothly.

      1. Oh LOVE the word revival and pray for that for our country always, in fact Warren was studying the Great Awakening and I normally have him read from his History book but that section I read because I was so inspired!!

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