While I’m feeding the cats this morning Andrew says to me:  “I have to take you out tomorrow for your Halloween present”

Me: “Halloween present?” I didn’t know you gave presents for Halloween?

Andrew: “Tis the Season”

Me: “You’re funny! So, what’s my present?”

Andrew: “You’ll have to wait ’till tomorrow, but I know my kitty; you’ll love it.

Now I’m a little scared.  Halloween presents are scary.  I don’t like surprises, but being that tomorrow is Tuesday and Tuesday is our preferred day to go see a movie, I have a feeling he’s taking me to see a movie.  Shhhh… don’t tell him that I’m on ta him.

#TakeMeOutToTheMoviesTakeMeOutToTheFilm  #BuyMeSome…stupid gluten sensitivity.  Never mind, we’ll just skip the concessions.  Too expensive anyways!

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