Popping in!

Heya! 🙂

Just popping in to let ya know that I’ve re-added a couple of my stories (as pages) that I deleted when I was experiencing some anxiety.  I became really self conscious and believed that nobody would want to read this stuff! Yeah, so I ended up systematically removing a bunch of personal stories, but it works out because it gave me a chance to give them a fresh edit.  I’m far happier with how they turned out and not feeling self conscious about sharing them. I will be adding more of the stories that I removed eventually as well.

I’m still not ready to get back into full swing with my blog, so It’ll be awhile before I can get to my comments and catch up with my peeps, but I will be back eventually.  It’s just a matter of time.  I hope this will tie you over until I can add some more pages.  Thank so much for reading and commenting on my posts!  –Tina Aka God’s kid

This is a two part story:

Horsing Around


A Penny for your Thoughts


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