[Call to me and I will answer you]

I’ll be going on “radio silence” for a while here.  My fatigue is affecting my ability to concentrate, and I need some time to recharge.  I see that I have some comments there. Thank you!  I’ll happily respond to all of your comments when I sign back in.   Don’t forget that God always keeps the lines of communication open.                    

–10-7 for now, good buddies. ❤

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” –Jeremiah 33:3

“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. –Psalm 34:17


When God’s People Pray

Wayne Watson


Trouble knockin’ on your window pane, stormy weather at your door

And the outlook for the day ahead like the day before

People tell you prayin’ changes things, but the words don’t stop the fear 

The prayer is only pious repelling without a Father’s ear

He will not turn away when His people pray 

When God’s people pray

And take the pains of earth to the doors of Heaven
When God’s people pray
There is hope reborn, there is sin forgiven
And merely ’cause you can’t explain a way
When God’ people pray

Hopeless situation turns around, dilemma passes by and by

Look, there’s a never-ending field of blue past your clouded sky

He alone can know the need in me before a single word begins

The Holy Spirit intercedes for me, I will trust in Him

No, He will not turn away when His people pray…


P.S. Thanks for the song Brother B!


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12 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. Hey friend I’m missing your posts but I know you’ve had to rest so I just want you to know I’m praying for you and I hope you’re feeling better.
    Do you guys use essential oils at all? I know when my psoriasis is really flaring, or headaches and colds come our way we lather those oils on and it really makes a difference, plus they’re natural which is a huge bonus. If you haven’t heard of DoTerra you should definitely google and look into their products:) ❤️ you sister!

    1. Wow, October has definitely been holding both Andrew and I back, but we trust that God’s has had us exactly where He wants us. We both are picking up a bit here so I am really HOPING this means I can get back at it again. There’s so much I could say here. I feel like a couped up bird! Fatigue has flattened me this month and Andrew has fared no better. We did get a breather when I desperately asked the Lord for it: a nice visit with Andrew’s parents on a beautiful sunny day. I appreciated that!

      Thanks for the suggestion of essential oils. I know nothing about essential oils so I’ll have to look into that. Thanks also for your prayers. 🙂 I appreciate that. (I’ve got ya marked down on my prayer list) I can’t wait to catch up on your blog posts! ❤

      1. I’m excited to read yours again too, even your comments:)
        Do you feel like the weather effects your health?..sometimes in Nebraska our 78 degrees one day and fifty something the next make me exhausted:/

      2. Definitely! Because I’m prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder I definitely feel the change through the Fall and Winter. I do use a S.A.D. light daily which does help some. My fatigue got really bad one year when I hadn’t started using it early enough. Living in a basement suite I almost need to use it year round. And take my vitamin D3! Temperature can bother me some too, but that has more to do with reacurring pain. S.A.D causes depression and fatigue. As I learned the hard way it can worsen the fatigue you already have, so I definitely have to use my light daily!

      3. Wow, crazy how sensitive it is… I’ve never had complete relief from psoriasis so it makes me wonder if I should be stricter about no dairy or gluten, I get a little too lenient but just maybe if I’d buckle down completely I’d see a real difference…do you do no dairy or gluten?

      4. I am gluten free, but not dairy free. I did try to avoid dairy for a while, but It didn’t seem to make any difference whether I eat dairy or not. Gluten actually causes an autoimmune reaction in me, making me very depressed. I had to go off of it completely. That was not easy at first! I felt like I couldn’t eat anything. It was a big change.

      5. Ya I felt like that too but then you get use to it…I had some days I got lazy though so now I need to break the gluten habit again:/

    1. Thank you so much! October has flattened both my husband and I, but I think we’re starting to pick up again. I’m hoping to get back to blogging SOON. This caged bird is ready to fly! Lol.

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