I have to admit, when I first heard this song I was torn.  I love to dream BIG.  However, the message is awesome and I’m in agreement with Josh Wilson.  I’m just stubborn.  I did drag my feet there for a bit—that is, until Andrew heard it over the radio one day and said, “I love this song! Can you find it for me?”  Then I had to revisit my stubbornness, and listen to the song once more.

Josh Wilson does go as far as to say that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big…and I’ll leave the rest for you to hear for yourself.  Little things can become greater things; I get that. I also couldn’t agree more. 🙂

#TheseSimpleMomentsChangeTheWorld  #OneDayAtATime  #JustDontMissTheMinutesOnYourWayToBiggerThings

Music That Speaks

6 thoughts on “Dream Small?

  1. Yeah I wrestled with this one too, but I am finding this is what he wants from me. What we consider small and insignificant because no one sees it, is the real stuff. We may disciple one person who changes the hearts of millions.

    1. Yes! Thank you! I can be stubborn about some things. A bit over eager too! Fortunately my Jesus knows exactly how to handle me. 🙂 I do dream big. Maybe there’s a purpose behind that. It definitely keeps me moving forward. I just have to remember that the small things add up to the bug things, which is what this song seems to be expressing. I still have a hard time with the words dream and small being put together. Lol. But that’s just me! Thanks so much for your comment!

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