Becoming an Articulate Radio Flyer

[He prayed to the Lord who answered him and gave him a miraculous sign] 

It’s time to inject some purposeful positivity into “Captain’s Blog!” I’m in a right ready mood, to break the trend of all these woes which made me feel as if “Captain’s Blog” weren’t such a great idea.

While I don’t enjoy feeling as if I’m beating a dead horse here, writing through rough patches has always taught me so much. If God can use it, then I’m putting it out there, and if I’m mistaken, well, then I truly am just yammering. Nevertheless, I’m trusting God with this, so onward and upward!

What Is That, Mother?

What is that, Mother?

The eagle, boy!

Proudly careering his course of joy,

Firm, on his own mountain vigour, relying,

Breasting the dark storm, the red bolt defying,

His wing on the wind, and his eye on the sun,

He swerves not a hair, but bears onward, right on:

Boy, may the eagle’s flight ever be thine,

Onward, and upward, and true to the line.

–George Washington Doane 1825–

Although the “flying lessons” aren’t truly over till we’re caught up in the the clouds with Jesus (1 Thessalonians 4:17) It’s been amazing to shift gears and veer away from the wind.  

The thing about learning to navigate through rough weather, is that you’re forced to go through the wind and rain; it isn’t so pleasant at the time, but later, it does produce that peace that it should (Hebrews 12:11).

Did you know that baby birds aren’t typically pushed out of the nest? (I didn’t!) Like human parents, and even God Himself, the mother bird will slowly draw her babies out of the nest.

Human parents will sometimes use something like a toy or food to garner excitement and motivation.  Wanting what the parent has to offer, the child will attempt that forward movement.

With the mother bird, it’s apparently much the same. Baby birds are fed at regular intervals; they learn to expect the mother to return with food to satiate their hunger.  The mother bird will stand further and further back to entice her young ones to come out of the nest.

However, it’s been reported, that on occasion a mother bird will be forced to push a baby out of the nest. This is for the good of her young; a bird that doesn’t learn to fly won’t survive; it must leave the nest.  Is it any wonder then, that we’re told to seek the Lord? It’s for our own protection. (Isaiah 55:6-9) He knows best.

Thankfully, when I was encouraged out of my “nest” I did move closer to God, and I am learning to “fly.”  Alright, so perhaps sometimes I hit a bit of turbulence, or I come in for a crash landing, but I’ll get the hang of it.  Thankfully, those winds of change do come. 

In at least a couple of my blog posts I’ve mentioned “my” eagle. I also “voiced” that this would need some further explanation (or splainin’ if your awesome like Kenn of  Kenn’s Komments ) This reminder and sign came a couple of Summers ago.

At this point in time my health being a constant challenge was weighing very heavy on me, more specifically, the chronic fatigue.  

Fatigue isn’t just being tired. For me, It’s almost always feeling beat even before my feet hit the floor. When it’s at its worst it can affect me mentally as well.

At times I’ll have bouts of anxiety or jitteriness, ongoing sleep problems and depression. On top of this, Andrew has his own health challenges also.

All of this makes our life very unpredictable. Eventually, we both have one of those days when we feel as if it would really be nice if something would let up.

Before I was given my reminder and sign, I was determinedly set on trying to figure out how to improve my health. Yes, I do realize what this may infer: I wasn’t giving it to God. I really wasn’t giving it to God. Instead, I was trying to figure things out on my own. I felt that one of us should be able to function! 

As I read more about my condition I was trying various different things, such as vitamins and autoimmune diets, and I was set on figuring out all of my food sensitivities. I started to feel better for a while there, but just when I thought something was finally working, my body informed me that I was wrong. This was only a temporary reprieve.

Discouraged, I was ready to throw my hands up in the air, but the only good that comes from that, comes only if you’re raising those hands to God. That’s when I was reminded one morning that I don’t recieve what I need because I don’t ask.  ‘That’s right! I don’t ask!’  I decided it might be in my best interest to listen to my Lord, and try asking. (Good idea!)

Why hadn’t I been asking?  Well, for starters I really haven’t seen too many people healed of their infirmities. I suppose I assumed that God must say, ‘My grace is sufficient for you’ quite often.  I was also determined that His grace would be sufficient for me too. 

As many of us feel, I felt that it would be rather selfish of me to pray for myself more than I ought to. Not only did I need some “flying lessons,” I also needed some lessons in communicating with my Father in Heaven.

Apparently He wants us to keep “bugging” Him. (Luke 11:5-13) It’s not as if He has a limited supply of blessings, so we can ask for more, in fact He even encourages this:

“And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.” — 1 Chronicles 4:10 

As my grandpa would have said to his C-B’r (Citizen Band Radio) buddies: ‘Breaker breaker’ and ‘10-4 good buddy.’ If you aren’t familiar with the lingo, ‘breaker breaker’ is slang for ‘I want to start a transmission with you’ and ‘10-4’ means ‘acknowledged’ or even ‘I hear you loud and clear.’  It can also be used to emphasize agreement. (In others words, to the believer it’s much like saying ‘Amen.’) You could also say, ‘copy that,’ which means ‘I hear you’ or ‘understood’  

The Lord was coming in loud and clear as He nudged me to start that transmission with Him, so I acknowledged His ‘Breaker breaker’ with my ‘10-4 good buddy.’ Isn’t it amazingly wonderful that we can be friends with God!?

While I’d been asking for some of the things that I needed, asking for help with my health, or for strength even just hadn’t occurred to me.

That Summer day, when “my” eagle made its appearance, the sky was clear, and the sun was shining, making it a perfect day for a walk. I never used to pray on my walks, and I don’t always, but at some point in time, this too seemed like a good idea.

Right off the bat, I was speaking plainly to God, saying this: ‘Nothing’s working, I can’t figure this out, Lord. I’m so fatigued, and it’s becoming more challenging just to get out and walk. I could really use Your help with this.’

He knows all of this, but apparently He still wants it voiced.  He wants us to engage in that “transmission.”

A transmission, by the way, is the process of passing something from one person or place to another, so God wants us to pass our needs and concerns up to Him in heaven.  

Just as I prayed those last words I heard an eagle’s cry. Searching the sky, I spotted “my eagle” and my mind went immediately to Isaiah 40:31.  Looking back, I guess one could say that God’s return transmission was received!

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” –Isaiah 40:31

As I watched “my eagle” soaring above, I thought to myself, ‘That was such a cool reminder!’ However, I wasn’t sure if God had orchestrated this.  Had He really provided an eagle at that very moment? Was this just coincidence or wishful thinking?  

It felt too “coincidental” to me that just as I was praying for strength, I’d receive a visual reminder to wait on my Father in heaven for that renewing of my strength.  It wouldn’t be the first time He’s provided a sign that brought me comfort, peace, and reassurance.  I kept walking and praying.  I also continued to think about “my” eagle.

At this point in time, I’d been reading through the Bible cover to cover. (I needed the refresher course.) The Old Testament, in particular, was where I felt I could use so much more understanding. This time through, disappointingly, things weren’t becoming any clearer to me.

Feeling as if I was still missing things was beginning to frustrate and bother me. As I continued my walk, I brought this up with the Lord as well, asking Him to please help me see what I’m just not seeing.

I was now on the home stretch when I suddenly wondered if  “my” eagle was still within view.  I’d just asked for more help when I lifted my eyes, so I was surprised at what I was seeing! It wasn’t an eagle!

Instead,  a convocation of eagles now circled the sky just ahead of me!  Immediately, I began to count them.  When I counted 7 of them, I had no doubt that this was a sign from God.  I was also convinced that my original eagle was from Him as well.

“In those days Hezekiah became ill and was at the point of death. He prayed to the LORD, who answered him and gave him a miraculous sign.”  — 2 Chronicles 32:24

My smile couldn’t have become any wider as I walked the rest of the way home. I was on cloud nine even! If you’d have seen me walking down the street that day, I’m sure you would have thought that I was a girl in love. In fact, I was, and I am! I was thrilled!  

Believing that God had heard me, I felt that He was reassuring me that He was with me.  I was also certain that this sign meant that He would provide.  My hope soared that day. I’m sure you’ll have no problem understanding then, why I happily exclaim “My eagle!” whenever I sight one.


Since then, the journey has definitely been interesting, even if health matters are still somewhere up in the air. To tell you the truth, many things are up in the air right now, but I have no doubt that things are progressing exactly as God has planned. From my impatient human standard, however, this can sometimes feel like a steady snails pace.

Regardless, I know that God isn’t slow as we understand slow. (2 Peter 3:9) Though I’m not always patient when it comes to His timing, I’m learning.  I’m also thankful that my emotions, for the most part, are stable again. Now, I’m feeling as I was before my storm ever hit: quite content and excited to wait and see what God will do with the rest of this story!

In all my excitement, what I originally assumed was that God was showing me that he’d heal me. (My hope, my dream, and my prayer is that He will heal both Andrew and I.) I’m convinced that it’s just a matter of His timing, but Instead of physical healing thus far, He’s taught us to weather the storms.

When new medication sent me into sort of a “tail spin,” I had to learn to lean on Jesus even more, relying on the truth as opposed to how I felt. Because things didn’t go as I’d hoped, I was initially confused by this detour, but that confusion was only temporary. I’m certain that there’s still more to this story.

I dream big, and I know that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, so I haven’t abandoned my original understanding of healing. Knowing that God is working, I won’t give up on that miracle.

Help with my health isn’t the only miracle that I’ve been asking of the Lord. Because of this, He recently reminded me–through song–that some miracles take time. (See the song at the end of this post.)  

He’s so kind to continue reminding me and assuring me that He’s working.  I can see that He is, so I’m determined that I’ll be patient.  I’ll also give Him the benefit of the doubt, should those doubts arise.

It wasn’t until I was writing this piece that I learned that a group of eagles is called a convocation.  If you look up the word convocation you’ll find this definition: 

  • A large formal assembly of people
  • A formal ceremony at a college or university, as for the conferring of awards
  • The action of calling people together for a large formal assembly.

I don’t know for certain what my 7 Eagles mean, other than the fact that I knew they were a sign from God, but I do understand that I’m never “soaring” alone; not only does He go before me, but I also have some very much appreciated and cherished “flying buddies” who’ve also been “flying” alongside me as I continue to learn to wait upon Him.

Mercifully, I’ve received encouragement, and all the help that I’ve so needed. He’s even been opening my eyes to that new insight I’ve desired, helping me to dig up those treasures in the pages of the Old Testament.

No matter the weather, I know that God will sustain us as He assembles us together for His purpose.  Even more wonderful to me, is the thought that He will keep working as we wait patiently for the day when He will assemble all of His children together, and to Him, forever.

“For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.” –1 Thessalonians 4:16- 17

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for everything. ❤ You are so gracious, even with those “bumps” in the road. I know our “bumps” draw us closer to You; they teach us things we could never learn otherwise.  I don’t have a 100% clear understanding of what, when, how and why You will proceed, but I do understand that the story unfolds with every word that You speak, so copy that and 10-4 good buddy!


Bonus material:

“The new Radio Flyer wagons were named as a tribute to two famous men of the day: Marconi and Lindbergh. Italian inventor and engineer Guglielmo Marconi developed, demonstrated, and marketed the first successful long-distance wireless telegraph and in 1901 broadcast the first transatlantic radio signal.Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic in 1927. Combining those two marvels, Pasin christened his new metal wagons “Radio Flyer”.” (quoted from Wikipedia)


My Two Way Radio


How nice to have a radio, on a cold and blustery night

The magic of it’s static fills my heart with sweet delight

For while T.V. is O.K and playing cards is fine

I’d sooner spend an evening on this old two way of mine.

I think of nights so long ago when I’d stay up real late

I didn’t have a radio so I heard no one go ten-eight (In service, subject to call)

But things are very different now and I really have a ball

Listening to my two way and waiting for a wall.

I know exactly who is home and who is out and why

The kind of rig he’s using and the kind he wouldn’t buy

I know when he is mobile, be it Jim, or Jack, or Joe

I’m up on all the going on, with my two way radio.

I know when there is trouble and I know when there is none

I wouldn’t part with this radio and miss out on all the fun

So, when this old world I leave behind and I am gone to heaven

Please bury me with my old two way, so to friends, I can say ten-seven. (signing off)

Poem Written By: My grandpa James, known by his “flying buddies” as “Uncle Jim”


Grandpa James and Uncle Frank

Next—>Radio Silence


“Though I don’t have all the answers, I will trust you just the same” –Lincoln Brewster/While I Wait

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10 Thoughts

  1. I definitely agree come to think of it more, even as I was reading my comment over just now again I thought of how conversation could start over showing up to work with the same shirt on as a coworker.

    ..maybe if coincidences do exist, they’re simply in a materialistic way— like you pull into a parking lot and there happens to be three models of the same vehicle and same color parked by one another but even then perhaps that’s God’s way of keeping us aware of our surroundings and noticing things so that we’re intrigued by the fact that our minds our always working and always aware..soaking in things…I don’t know

    1. Yeah, I don’t know either, but God is always working. He’s in the details. I don’t like giving the devil credit for the details. Oh, he’s in there, but Jesus has already overcome the world, so I know that God’s always got His hands in there two. I’m With Toby Mac: I see God in everything.

      1. Ya and what a great perspective to have: seeing God in everything because it holds us accountable and causes us to focus on Heavenly things and not earthly ones! I’ll check out that video, not sure If I know it or not without listening:)

  2. Great post! And your grandpa wrote poems too!!?? I want to know more about that!!
    We’re camping this week so my notes and writings are at home but I have some thoughts written down in one of my journals regarding the difference of “coincidence” and “God sightings” ..when I get home I’ll have to pull out my notes and I’ll comment again with those thoughts because I can’t remember off the top of my head.
    What exactly is your illness if you don’t mind me asking..I have psoriasis and it effects/affects (lol idk which one) my scalp horribly and I’ve done diet change, exercise, vitamins, scalp treatments and yet no relief…although I’ll admit I fail to take it to the Lord very often:/

    1. Yep! My grandpa sure did write poems. I was trying to think of when I started writing poems myself. I can’t remember exactly. I kind of wonder if reading his poetry was what sparked my love of poetry. There will be more about my grandpa and my family coming out on my blog bit by bit.

      I have Hashimoto’s disease. It’s an autoimmune thyroid disease. Andrew has Fibromyalgia. He has psoriasis as well. He gets rashes all over. 😦

      I enjoy and appreciate your comments. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about “coincidence” and “God sightings,” as you put it. 🙂 Catch ya later!

      1. Ugh I’m sorry you guys haven’t found much relief from the sickness but I’m thankful you both have a strong faith!

        We’re home now so I was able to thumb through my journal…I found my notes from Feb 2018 where I wrote about coincidences and God sightings ..and here’s what my entry was:
        There’s random coincidences and then there’s undeniable God sightings.
        Coincidences generally happen with unlikely similar connections- example: you show up to an event wearing the same shirt as a coworker or you drive the same model of car as someone in a Bible study.
        God sightings, on the other hand, occur in an unexplainable way that could only be defined as the work of God- example: blessings of answered prayers, miracles, protection from harm or danger

        I wrote this because I needed to be able to understand the difference between the two and that’s what God spoke to me..I’d been hearing the word God sighting so much and I just needed to better know it’s difference from the term coincidence

      2. The funny thing is that I’m not sure if I believe in coincidences. Lol. I know that’s probably a funny thing to say. Perhaps some things are random coincidences, but I’m just not sure. Your “showing up wearing the same shirt” made me think this: Yeah, but what if that wasn’t so “coincidental” What if God put it on both people’s mind to wear the same shirt so that it would spark a conversation between those two people. What if it was perfectly planned because God wanted these two people to cross paths for a reason? This is the way I think. I can’t say for certain if it’s correct, or if all “coincidences” aren’t so coincidental, only that many things that I used to believe we’re coincidental no longer are coincidental to me. If that makes sense.

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