[Every good and perfect gift]

No, it isn’t January yet, but it has been a year since “God’s Kid Speaks” was revived! I knew when this season began that I was being released from my stall, so to speak, and I went out leaping like a calf too!


For so long, I’d felt like God had just put me up on a shelf and left me there.  I began to wonder if He’d ever use me again.  

There were times I felt so useless, but He was good to remind me that if I continued to grow I’d never be useless. Twice He had to snap me out of it when I was convinced otherwise. I was wrong.  He had plans all along to continue working on me. This is the verse He gave me on two occasions—>(2 Peter 1:3-9)

These words were so encouraging to me then; I knew that I had these things, which meant I was still growing, even if He was quiet, and things felt as if they were at a standstill. I was writing when I felt lead to write, though it was nothing like this whirlwind season has been.

When I finally knew where God wanted me, I was ecstatic! The floodgates opened, and I began writing up a storm. I haven’t looked back.  


Prayer and Fear

This season I’ve learned to communicate with my Father in heaven better; He’s taught me to “fly” come rain or shine, through turbulence; through strong winds, and through storms. I’ve been encouraged time and time again to trust Him, and I’ve gone toe to toe, and head to head, with fear. (With His help those battles were won by the way.) My health was a battle; my hopes soared, then faltered, but my hope took flight once again.



I’ve made new friends and family in Christ, and God has even restored a friendship that I never dreamed would be brought back to life again.  Why do I doubt?  He not only brings things to life, they can also be born again.



My Lord has spoken to me more this season than I can ever recall Him speaking to me. He’s made me laugh, cry, and sometimes say, “I didn’t enjoy that one!” (lol) However, I survived it all because He always sees me through. (Whatever it takes to get me to trust Him right?)

When I was freaking out (which happened more than once),  He asked me, “Do you trust me.” reminding me who’s really in control, and that He always has my hand. I’ve grown in knowledge, patience, understanding, and love, which keeps me joyful, inspired, and praising Him.



Some doors were opened this season, while other doors were closed; we shut our business down, and new medication wasn’t the fix for all of my health problems.  However, God was there to comfort me when I didn’t understand; He nudged me to come and talk to Him more often; He again beckoned me to trust Him, and he assured me that things would happen slowly but surely.  He comforted me through verse; through song; through my closest friends (some new ones too), and even spoke to my heart when He knew I needed Him.  


Love and Support

When my depression was making me feel so alone, my dear friend and sister Ronda was there to talk me through one of my worst days. She also partnered with me in prayer during this difficult time, and God was gracious to give me all the help and encouragement that I needed.


My husband was also a rock while I was going through withdrawal from my failed medication.  He offered his warm embrace, and many much appreciated pep talks when my emotions were off kilter.  He calmed me down, and prayed often, laying hands on me, when the anxiety was at its worst, and thankfully Jesus calmed that storm too.  I’m blessed to have a husband who loves me and puts God first. ❤


Wonder and Thankfulness

It was an emotional rollercoaster ride the likes of which I’ve never experienced before: highs, lows, and everything in between; jitteriness, anxiety, paranoia and fear, then days in between where I felt more like me, and I could live with the wonder and joy of a child again. I was thankful for those days.



At times I felt as if this ride would never end, but God proved me wrong. He also proved that no matter the weather I can even thrive.  I was able to consistently write through the struggle, and I learned a lot too.  



He made me brave this season too.  Has anybody ever told you that being brave doesn’t feel so brave!?  It’s terrifying actually, until you finally land on the other side of it.  However, I was never alone there too; I had my God, and a dear friend and brother who was a sounding board when I needed it the most.  He encouraged me and reassured me it would be okay. (Thanks so much brother B!)


I had several long term friends and family in Christ who made their memorable mark on me. (Thanks Diane, Daryl, Tom and Chuck) Even some of my fellow bloggers have impacted me and/or built me up in some way: Kenn, Willow, Umi, Latifa, Alicia, Brenda, Ashley, Caralyn, Mitch Teemley, Bill Sweeney, and I’m sure there are others I’m likely forgetting.  (This is starting to sound like a long winded Academy Awards speech!).


My Jesus Blesses Me

On that note, most of all I’d like to thank my Jesus, who grounds me, grows me, teaches me, blesses me, and comforts me.

He gave me new life, and He holds me together when I feel as though I’ll fall apart. He gives me wonderful things to do and write, as well as a loving family in Him, who always love me where I am.  

I’m blessed in so many ways that I just don’t think I can count them all.  I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know Who holds my future. I know joy, and I’m at peace. For all of this, I am exceedingly grateful, so I’ll continue to count my blessings.  I have a lot of ’em!


Thank you Lord for a whirlwind year, and for never leaving my side! ❤ ❤ ❤  

“Sometimes when you’re going somewhere and you wait, a somewhere comes to you.” –Winnie the Pooh/Christopher Robin


The End (for now)

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” –James 1:17

Next—>Past Storms

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11 thoughts on “Another Year in Retrospect

  1. Great post and sweet encouragement! You have been such a blessing to me through your amazing words as God has used you to speak His truth through your blog, and commenting on my blog as well.

    I love that for any of those negatives you listed in this post you were able to BOLDLY recognize and nail down the positive ways God is blessing you, counteracting satan’s attacks. Way to honor and praise Him above!!!

    1. Thank you so much Alicia. You’ve been such a blessing to me too. It’s been really nice getting to know you some, and I enjoy reading what God puts on your heart as well. Thanks so much for the encouragement through your comments, as well as what you share on your blog. Here’s to another adventurous year with our God guiding our steps, and our words. 🙂 ❤

  2. For most, if not all of us…the names may change (some may stay the same)…but we’re all blessed by who God places in our lives for those “bumps” in the road. (That whole strand of three thing…).

    Glad to have crossed paths with you…being blessed by your walk and writing as well!

  3. Oh Tina, God has used this heartfelt post to deeply encourage my soul today. I can relate to your struggles 100% as my health has brought on the same emotions. I’m thankful our God has provided you with a loving husband and numerous friends to support you each day. 🤗❤🙏

  4. I am humbled that I could be there we are ‘family’ and that’s what we do. Glad you’re going the right direction

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