Faith Mapped

[Heads up! She’s coming in for a landing]

As July approaches I’m eager to get back to blogging.  At least I was until yesterday, when depression and anxiety hit me with a vengeance. It left me feeling really insecure, and a bit of a basket case, to tell you the truth.  I found myself once again doubting myself, and questioning a lot of things.  If you’ve never experienced this emotional rollercoaster, it has a tendency to make you feel like a failure, thus the insecurity I feel.

I was set to go with this post and get back to blogging, but yesterday I was ready to forgo it, draw back and isolate myself for a while longer. Sometimes I can’t help it. Sometimes I  just really need that space, but this morning, though tired and worn I decided I wasn’t going to back down and back away.  Isn’t this exactly what the enemy of our faith wants? Well, I’m in it for the long haul, so I’m not hangin’ up my armor.  I may have this valley to traverse, but we make it through our valleys if we just keep walking.

While I’ve been taking a break from blogging I’ve enjoyed spending more time reading what others have churning about in their hearts and minds. There are a lot of us going through valleys right now, but it’s par for the course, right?

“…Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.” Acts 14:22

Apparently I’m a “project” person!  I enjoy tackling the big stuff, so I’ve been whittling away, for quite some time, at two series (yes two! Both are still in the works, but I’ve got enough down to believe that I’ll continue and finish both of them.  Now that I’ve written that, I HAVE to finish them, right!? (Gulp).

One of those series I’ve been feeling a bit shaky on, so it’s taking me some time to work through it all.  I’m not feeling super confident, but I need to wrestle some of the monkeys off my back, so I guess I’m not backing down there either!

This first series is called “Faith Mapped” It’s a closer look at the things we experience on our journey with God, and “Untamed Hearts,” which is a journey in and of itself! (You’ll see what I mean if you choose to read it!) I can’t help it!  I love studying this stuff.  I have to admit though, studying it is far easier than living it.

Because both series seem to mesh well I want to bring them out together (alternating between the two, and there may also be some lighter pieces and music thrown into the mix as well.) They are stand alone pieces, so if you’re more of a nibbler than a grazer (or you’re just tight on time) read what catches your eye; but if you’re looking for a study I hope that what I’ve written is encouraging and inspires you to view the journey with joy, and a hope that bubbles up to the surface.  We do still have a reason to sing right? Even when things get hot, hot, hot.

“Remember the tea kettle.  It is always up to its neck in hot water yet it still sings.” –Author Unknown


I’ve been debating how to handle posting. By that I mean how many days and what days I’d like to post.  Because some of what I’ll be posting may be considered “Big Food,” I’ve decided not to unload a lot of heavier reads in one given week.  My thinking on this then is to keep my posting to once a week, with an optional “Music that Speaks” which I want to designate to Saturday or Sunday. (It’s optional, so don’t go looking for a weekly weekend post!) I’m trying not to overload myself too here!

So, that’s where I’m at.  My weekly posting will now be Thursday’s. Thanks for reading! Enjoy the journey, and don’t back down.  We’re warriors after all.



9 Thoughts

  1. Note to self: Hush. Stop listening to those negative thoughts. You go girl…You’ve got this. #PersonalAffirmationsAndSlapsInTheFace

  2. Yay Tina! I am so glad you’ve decided to persist through the enemy’s attack. I love your writing, and its challenges it provides me and my faith in this growing season. Thank you for sharing, I am so excited about both your new series!!!

    1. Suddenly I’m worried about the things I’ve been writing. I don’t know why. I fret too much. I worry about being wrong, or dry, or jabbering too much. If I get too jabbery I delete a lot of it and re-write it. Then I worry I’ve taken too much of my own personality out and it sounds more like a lecture. I over think! I’m workin’ on it. I’m just glad God is working on me. ‘Cuz otherwise I’d really be hopeless.

  3. How exciting! Glad to have you blogging and thankful you were able to study and refresh during your time away! It’s so important to rejuvenate quietly with Jesus:) I look forward to reading your new material!

    1. I think you are more excited than I am. lol. I’m my own worst critic! I hope what I’m writing is interesting, ‘cuz I’m a little worried that it’s too dry. I don’t think it’s dry, but then I love this stuff…but I could definetly see how others mught find it dry…I don’t know…yeah…I need to quit while I’m ahead and just press on right? 😛

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