[Through many tribulations]

As July approaches I’m eager to get back to writing.  At least I was until yesterday, when depression and anxiety hit with a vengeance.  To tell you the truth, it left me feeling insecure, and a bit of a basket case.

I found myself once again doubting myself, and questioning quite a few things.  If you’ve never experienced this emotional rollercoaster, it has a tendency to make you feel quite the failure, thus the insecurity I feel.

Joy Comes in the Morning 

This morning, though I was feeling tired and worn, I decided I wasn’t going to back down and back away.  Isn’t this exactly what the enemy of our faith wants? Well, I’m in it for the long haul, so I’m not hangin’ up my armor. I may have this valley to traverse, but we make it through our valleys if we just keep walking.

Faith: Mapped!

“Faith: Mapped” is a closer look at the stages we go through in our walk with God and what we’ll come up against. I hope that it’s encouraging and that it inspires you to view the journey with joy, a hope that bubbles up to the surface, and gives you a reason to sing. No matter what we face, the reward is always worth fighting for.

“Remember the tea kettle.  It is always up to its neck in hot water yet it still sings.” –Author Unknown

“…Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.” Acts 14:22

Next—>Faith’s First Baby Steps!


7 thoughts on “Faith: Mapped

  1. Yay Tina! I am so glad you’ve decided to persist through the enemy’s attack. I love your writing, and its challenges it provides me and my faith in this growing season. Thank you for sharing, I am so excited about both your new series!!!

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