This post is somewhat of a prelude to what I’ll be posting on Friday.  Often I post a song with what I’ve written because it not only speaks to me, but it also relates to what I’ve written, as well as what I’ve been going through myself.  The network that God uses to comfort us is actually incredibly vast and overwhelming.  Music is one of those sources we can tap into for encouragement.

In Scripture were told to minister to one another with Psalms, hymns, and songs (Collossians 3:16 Ephesians 5:19-20), and while I don’t know if many listen to the music that I post, it’s there if anyone should need it, and God chooses to use it.  I’m not a musician myself, but I’m thankful for those who use that gift to speak God’s comfort through song.

Alisa Turner

For sometime I’ve wanted to do a “Music that Speaks” post on a particular artist who is fairly new to me. I’m a huge admirer of her work though, which continues to speak volumes. It was when I came across the song “Miracle or Not” that I knew it was time to tackled this post.

“Miracle or Not,” speaks to my own desire for God’s healing touch, and the thoughts that we may wrestle with as God takes us by the hand, instructing us to trust Him through the storm. I know that I’m not the only one who has prayed for, and continues to pray for those miracles, and I’m not the only one who has faced the challenges of chronic illness either.

Alisa Turner has a testimony herself that is worth sharing. (It’s a tear jerker, but I also know that her story will end with tears of joy). None of us are exempt from the trials, but the victory that we have in Jesus can be the comfort that heals us in ways that we were never expecting. There is always triumph in the trial—miracle or not.

Music that Speaks



12 thoughts on “Miracle or Not

  1. Beautiful song, voice, and testimony, thanks for sharing!!

    On another “note” (lol)..I thought I was signed up to receive your post immediately (because you’re one of my faves) and then I began to wonder if you hadn’t written in a while because I hadn’t seen any posts from you… I found the setting to receive immediate posts and got it switched! Can’t wait to read more!!

    1. Aww, thanks! I need to find that setting too! Your post about your daughter loosing her jacket mad me smile by the way. P.S. You’re normal by the way. 😛 We all get overly focused on the details, and then beat ourselves up for it. I can certainly relate! (You’re a fav of mine too) Now where is that setting!? 😀

      1. Lol I think you have to go to settings and find those that you follow, once you see For His Purpose or any others you’re wanting immediate updates from you then click individually on them and choose immediate, weekly etc notifications

      2. And I almost think if you are using a phone you have to change settings for those you follow by going through email when you receive a post/notification from someone ..idk there’s a lot I’m still confused on with WordPress lol

  2. I love these post from you. Your last post that included Give Me Faith was one of my favorites. I’ve had that song on repeat ever since! Now adding a new one to the list; this is beautiful.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Isn’t beautiful!? Yeah, Alisa has quicker become a favorite of mine. I’ve been enjoying your posts as well! Tifa? Latifa? Queen Tifa? How do you prefer to be addressed? 🙂

      1. Yes, her story was just beautiful! And that voice is everything.
        Haha. Tifa is what everyone knows me as. Latifa is my real name. And Queen Tifa is something one of the people who encouraged me to start writing called me.
        It’s a mess. 😂

      2. Haha 😀 Nah, not a mess, that’s cool. I’m going to give you the same word of encouragement that others have given to me. Keep writing! You express yourself well! You’re already one of my favorites here on WordPress!

      3. That’s one of the sweetest praises I could receive. Thank you 💕
        Those were some smart people to tell you that girl! Do keep it up.

  3. Wow you’re not kidding! Alisa Turner’s story definitely brought me tears. It’s always inspiring to hear raw stories about what people have been through. And I like to do the same thing with posting songs with my writing, so that’s funny we are similar in that way! Music really speaks to me too! Thank you for sharing this! God bless you Tina!

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