He came to die

How can it be

A child was born

To rescue me

A gift to all

Not all believed

Yet those who do

Have been set free


A Servant King

He humbly came

My Lord, My God

A man became

The dead in sin

To see His face

Repentant hearts

Amazing Grace


Yet all the while

They jeered and scoffed

They pinned my Lord

Upon the cross

Yes, as did I

Before I knew

Yet He, my God

Forgave me too.


He died

But rose

He lives again

He paid the price

He conquered sin

A child was born

Children to make

Sons and daughters

For heaven’s sake


So now we too

Those who believe

Can rise again

And take our place

Beloved by God

And saved by grace

To look upon

Our Savior’s face


My Servant King

How can it be

The Son of Man

The Prince of Peace

A gift to all

Will you believe?

Oh Mighty God

My Servant King


December 08, 2017

Tina (Gk)

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