Music that Speaks

This is one of my favorite YouTube videos.  After a day like yesterday I need a little nonsense.  Yesterday was a down day.  Lately I’ve been experiencing those highs and lows of having an autoimmune disease, as depression came out of nowhere again.

Depression feels just like it sounds; to depress means to weigh or push down, and that’s exactly what happens.  You’re emotions are dampened.  Unfortunately when it’s due to something that is causing your body to respond this way, (In my case it can be brought on by several things:  Hashimoto’s disease itself, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, hormones, or gluten sensitivity) it’s not something you can positively think your way through.  It passes when it passes.

When it does I nearly jump for joy–like today–and I take that time to smile and laugh.  I’m thankful for the good days, hoping that I can soon figure out what’s been setting me back lately.  I have a couple of theories… plenty of prayer, and a God who is faithful.  Today I will take what I can get and enjoy a little nonsense!  Laugh when you can, and enjoy the beauty of those simple things.

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