This is the battle

The love’s in His scars

The power is God’s

Our treasure

In clay jars


This is the battle

Here in the eye of the storm

Where the shadows meet Christ

The rider

On White horse


This is the battle

And the battle plays rough

Our strength’s found in Him

And our passion’s

His love


For this is the battle

And there’s no turning back

We’re in deep

His love’s wide

There is nothing we’ll lack


With our minds set above

And our hearts on the lost

For this hope is our anchor

Our Victory–the cross


Grow not faint

Grow not weary

He’s behind and before

He’s the way, He’s the life

He’s the vine

He’s the door


For this is the battle

Even here God’s hand guides

For He parts the sea with power

Controls the wind

And calms His child


Even here deep in the battle

And in the dark of eventide

For our right hand He shall hold

A thousand may fall at our side


Yet no weapon shall prevail

We shall see with our own eyes

For the Lord, He is our refuge

And He’s alive! Alive! Alive!


March 20, 2018



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