Tattered Wings and Soaring Things


[And my God will meet all of your needs]


…More of you Lord, less of me

The more I learn, the more I seek

The more I find that I thirst for the truth

To know and to keep, to honor and do


Your will is my hearts call

Your love my hearts cry


With these wings that You’ve given

Lord teach me to fly!


So I’ll soar like You’ve given tomorrow new life!

Like the old is now new

Like there’s Hope in the strife!


Lord even when these wings are tattered

From the storms that have battered

And the winds that have blown


I pray even then I’ll hold to the truth

For I know that You’ve said

That You won’t let me go.”


September 5, 2009



When I originally wrote this poem, little did I know that I’d be quoting myself, but because I was feeling so warn, those tattered wings were on my mind once again.  I apparently needed this reminder.  So I rifled through each page of poetry ’till I found “Even when These Wings are Tattered.”

I didn’t know that it would bring me comfort, but it did.  It certainly didn’t occur to me that I’d be reliving this feeling again, but once again I found myself feeling like I’d come in for a crash landing.  However, hope always rises.

I haven’t been doing so great; life started to play rough. For the most part, things became a struggle because my health took a turn for the worst. Suddenly, everything was making me feel anxious.  It discouraged me.  I’d been waiting on God and I was dreaming big.  I felt like I’d been side swiped.

I didn’t recognize what was happening at first.  I thought things were just getting a little stressful and challenging.

Well, things indeed were getting stressful and challenging, but it wasn’t really what was going on around me, so much as what was going on inside of me again. Hashimoto’s Disease threw me for a loop.

New medication was going well–that is, until it wasn’t going so well anymore. Now, I really don’t know what’s next.  I’m decreasing my medication and waiting–hoping and praying to feel like myself again soon, (or even better than the norm might be nice too.)

Last week Andrew and I decided we could no longer manage our business anymore. (Both my husband and I have autoimmune diseases.) We’ve been holding on to it for as long as we could. (I was probably the one holding onto it the tightest.) Slowly but surely, though, it’s become a struggle to keep up with, and slowly but surely we’ve been producing far less.

Andrew’s health had also taken a turn for the worst, making getting out of the house even more of a challenge for both of us.  These last three months we’ve been unable to produce a thing.

Any progress we started to make kept getting interrupted and stalled, and putting off our very patient customer was becoming stressful in and of itself. So we finally conceded that holding onto our business just wasn’t working anymore.

Part of me was almost relieved (almost), but the following day reality set in and the shock of letting it go hit me like a ton of bricks.  I kind of panicked and then I became depressed, heading under covers.

I suddenly felt as if everything was up in the air.  How is this good!?  God’s good—-I believe that, but how is this going to be good!?

Without notice, I felt as if I had absolutely no control over anything. (Surprise! I never truly had that control, so why is now any different, right?)

Letting go, and letting God can be difficult.  It’s why we held on so long and tried to keep our business going.  It’s the control–or rather the feeling of some sort of control–that keeps us tied to the things we need to let go of.

On Friday I didn’t handle the day well.  I crawled back into bed, only coming up for a brief moment of air to make something to eat.  Our two kitties snuggled up next to me in bed and kept me company as I tried to sleep off my grey mood.

Andrew checked in on me from time to time as well, to tell a tale or two about this and that. When I was finally ready to voice my feelings he listened, and then he spoke to my insecurities. They didn’t initially listen. They stubbornly wanted to hold onto the truth as they saw things.

The last time we were faced with this sort of scenario, and any other time we’ve been faced with this sort of scenario, I panicked too.

It’s as if fear leaps out at me like an old familiar friend. Not a good friend; the kind of friend you don’t really know why you keep around and you’d really like to throttle.

Of course I don’t have any true friends like that, but metaphorically speaking, fear is a lot like that: you hold onto it for far too long as if it’s the only friend you have—so sure that you’re far safer with the old and familiar.

Though those old and familiar feelings aren’t so welcome here, suddenly my comfort zone was being upset.  It’s easy to trust God when you’re comfortable, but not so much when the “unknown” is glaring you straight in the eye again—not so much when you suddenly feel like you’re free falling.

The thing is, I know me; I know this panic is nearly always how I respond to change,  especially a major change, even if it will eventually pan out to be a good change.

Today (Monday) has been a gorgeous warm sunny day.  Thankfully, I felt well enough to take a walk around our neighborhood.

I saw “my” eagle! (That will need some future splainin.’ I’m borrowing a “flight” buddie’s “splainin’” because it’s the simple things that make me smile.)

I thanked God for the sunshine, as well as  “my” eagle.  I felt energized again, and hopeful.  Nearing the end of my walk I sighted three more eagles soaring the skies so free and energized.  My heavenly Father never fails to remind me that I’m not alone, and I’m so thankful for the company.

Oh, and Andrew—he’s happy. (lol) He apparently handles change a whole lot differently than I do. I guess we have different insecurities.  He wasn’t happy to see me go under covers, but he’s seen it before.

He knows I’ll bounce back, because I know my Jesus. In the end I always remember what I remembered when I originally wrote that poem, that He won’t let me go–not even now.

So why should I let fear steal my joy?

Not when I know the Answer.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” –Phillipians 4:19


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