Off Course

Starting point of this series – Flying Lessons


Captain’s Blog – Earthdate 01-14-2018


[Flying Lesson’s – Attempt 2]

So, I’ve gotten myself off course again; It doesn’t take much for me to veer off in the wrong direction. I’m over zealous, over protective, over excited, and a bit of a workaholic for God.  I forget that I’m on His time, so I run ahead of Him–even lapping Him.  I’m sure He must be shaking His head at me thinking something like, ‘Look at that wacky kid go. She’s off and running again.”

To be fair, I’ve been waiting to be “released from my stall” for a while, so I was over the moon when that “New Season” had finally begun. I couldn’t wait to learn something new, and to see what God had for me to do, and write. However, somewhere along the way things started to look a little different; new and fun began to look more like stressful and challenging.  Some of that is because it is in fact very new, but a lot of it’s because I need to learn to listen and wait better.  I need to also learn to “watch and pray.” I’ve written about my faux pas further, in a piece titled “Backseat Driver,” which will be posted who knows when (He knows), so I’ll spare you the rest of the details for now.

Because I’ve gotten myself off track I need to reset again, and I need to shift my gears. Actually, I need a complete stop and turn around to get myself organized, reset my mind, and put my focus where it’s needed. I asked the Lord if I could take a week off of writing and blogging, but I’m sure I heard him say “Take three,” my response to that was, “Three? Really? Am I hearing you correctly? Three sounds like a long time.” (Actually three sounds like a vacation, and I likely need that vacation from my obsessive self.)

I’m trusting there’s a good reason for those three weeks. So I’m taking them.  I’m on His time, so as the Lord–through a dear brother in Christ reminded me–I’ll be taking my time.  P.S. Thanks for the video brother B!


The Eagle has Landed





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