It’s Snowing!

[Welcome to our World]

“What a surprise to open my eyes and glimpse my world covered in snow.”

–November Snow/Tina

Yes, I did just quote one of my own poems, but with a purpose, of course.  Today was only slightly different.  It went more like this: What a surprise to open the blinds and glimpse the snow tumbling down! The song running through my head, as I looked out at the snow, was a Chris Rice song; yet I didn’t know that at the time, nor did I know what the song was even called.  All I had in my mind was the tune, but the words weren’t coming to me.  In my mind, the first line of the song was this: “Snow is falling,” and that was about all I had.  I tried to Google search it, but every song that came up was not the song that I was looking for.  I did pray, “Lord I’m not getting this.  I need help finding this song.”  I kept Google searching, but not a chance.  I couldn’t find this song!

It then occurred to me that maybe Andrew might know.  So I went to Andrew, and I hummed the tune for him. He replied, “Yep, I know that song.”  He, too, could only partially remember the words, so he was running the tune through his head as well.  Just as he started to voice, “Oh, I think…”, we were surprised by a knock on the door; It was one of our upstairs neighbors.  Doug, along with his pretty mid-sized dog Charlie greeted us bearing gifts.  I felt as if his gifts were much too generous and voiced it, but his reply to me was, “No, no, I had to.”

God feels the same way about us all, and He couldn’t offer us any less than the precious gift that is Jesus, His own begotten Son.  Jesus is also very generous with His gifts and has come to knock upon our hearts as well.  When we answer the door, we’re overjoyed–and lavished even–with many much too generous gifts.

After hugs and well wishes, we were once again put to the task of seeking this song.  Andrew finally came up with the line “Welcome to our world.”  Sure enough, when I Google searched it, Chris Rice’s song was finally found.

As I read the lyrics to Andrew, I struggled to speak each line of the song due to the emotion that welled up inside of me.  By the end, my tears were falling–which is also how the opening line of the song reads: not in fact “Snow is falling,” as I had recalled.

I looked out the window at the snow that had accumulated so quickly and thought of the abundance of God’s provisions as well as the many gifts and blessings He bestows upon us.  He nudges us to seek Him, much like I had to seek this song.  (Yeah, I saw what You did there, Lord.) When we do seek Him, we are not disappointed. As we open the door and let Him in we are richly rewarded.

Keep following the bread crumbs…

We’re walking in a winter wonderland. (Doot doot doo) Look at Frosty go!———–> November Snow

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