I hear you speaking Lord
Your words so calming, “Be still.”
A gentle reminder of what waits up ahead

Big things are in store
I believe it Lord
And my heart leaps with joy

The stillness of Winter
An image of an end to all that’s grown old
Beckoning that fear finally be put to rest–for good

As snow that gently falls
So Your love has always fallen likewise
So very patiently You wait for those to recognize your love

Freely You give, so that fearlessly we can accept
As Winter prepares us
For a rebirth of things fresh and new to be given

Winter’s song is Your lullaby
“Hush now child–you’re held, and you’re greatly treasured.”
“I’ve made a way, and your time is coming.”

Tina (GK)
December 10, 2017


The Joy I find in You

Father Your mercy falls
Like a gentle snow
Softly, silently
As I sit peacefully
In it’s bright white glow
Through the storms you teach me to trust
And in You I grow.

Thank you Lord
For Your mercy abounds
Your blessings pour over me
Such unspeakable joy
Nothing compares
To the Joy I find in You.

November 17, 2006

This walk in the snow isn’t over yet. Keep on keepin’ on and follow my bread crumbs. Now get a move on———————–>It’s Snowing!


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