Purpose (Fearlessly)

Music That Speaks

I don’t know this group at all, but it’s the message behind the song that caught my attention.  This one I’m dedicating to my “twin”; we always jokingly said that we were separated at birth, and that the “stork” had made a mistake.

In truth, God doesn’t make mistakes, and while my “twin” will always be (to me) my inseparable twin at heart, God has a purpose for where he’s been planted; even the rough path that he’s had to endure God will turn into something good.  God doesn’t miss a detail, and He doesn’t waste one either.

I love you Bub.  (Andrew and I both do.)  Please just keep your eyes and ears open to God.  He loves you even more than I do, and that is saying A LOT, because you know that I love you bunches. ❤

Follow the bread crumbs…

Please read this. Click! Click! Click! Go ahead and click it———> Winter’s Song

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