Don’t Change

[For the better or for worse?]


Though I was quite sure I’d heard him right, I made Andrew repeat his words. “Don’t ever change,” he said. What I thought was, ‘There’s danger in those words.’ (So, do you think I over think much? Yes, yes I do.) Yeah, I knew what he meant, and it was nice to hear, too. I’d been being a little goofy, and managed to make him laugh. What he was really saying was don’t loose that, and that I can get on board with.

However, I hate it when I’m told, “You never change.”  Though I know they mean it in an outward sense, it’s still always so disappointing to me. I hope I do change; that’s my goal. I want to keep moving in the direction I’m facing–forward, and to keep learning and growing.

Some things of course shouldn’t change when they’ve reached their mark; don’t loose compassion, or kindness; keep joy, and hold on to hope; don’t loose the love you had in the beginning; or your Jesus in the end.

If you change–change for the better, and if you don’t change, I just hope what you keep is truly something worth holding on to.


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