Wonky Wednesday Two for One

[Laughter is the best medicine]

So last night–after preparing a meal for Andrew and I–I looked at the amount of fish I had in the pan, and said to him, “Hmm, maybe I should have defrosted more fish.” Then looking at everything else I’d prepared, said, “Well, with the potatoes and the rest of the vegetables it will probably be enough.”

So, we’re nearly finished our meal, and Andrew’s been picking at his fish. He’s not a huge fan of fish, but the upstairs neighbor who also happens to be a fisherman, gave us a bunch of it as a thank you for watching his dog while he was away. Anyways, here Andrew’s plate sits with probably the majority of fish left, and he says to me. “And you thought there wasn’t enough food?” I say in response to him, “Well, I hadn’t taken into account the potatoes and the vegetables, or that you wouldn’t eat yours.” We look at each other and just die laughing. He picks up the phone and starts dialing his Mom. “Ugh”, he says to his mom. “She burned me with that, but that was good.”

Today, I say to him, “So, it’s Wednesday right? He says to me, “Yeah, and are we having tacos for dinner? I respond, “Oh yeah, it was Taco Tuesday yesterday and I fed you nasty fish!” (Lol)

I guess that makes today Wonky Wednesday because we’re  having tacos tonight! (Lol)

This isn’t the first time in the last little while that we’ve cracked up at the dinner table. One night while making dinner we were listening to Walt Disney movie tunes on You Tube (Moana and Beauty and the Beast). When We sit down to eat, Beauty and the Beast’s- Evermore is playing in the background. We absolutely love this movie, and this song in particular, but it really hits you in the heart. So we’re both trying to eat our food and trying to hold back the tears, when we both realize that we’re doing the very same thing, Laughter then ensues.

I guess we’re just big softies who are both a little bit quirky, but it sure makes life interesting.  And laughter–as they say– is the best medicine.

(Oh, and the fish that Andrew didn’t eat wasn’t wasted.  I put the leftovers in the fridge to eat later.  He’s a brat sometimes, and a bit of a picky eater too, but I love him and all of his wackiness.)


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