[Were not our hearts burning within us]

I’ve always loved to learn. Though going to school wasn’t always such a pleasant experience, learning itself has always been something I’ve looked forward to. A new school year meant new books, and all the wonderful accompaniments that went along with them.


Learning is moving forward, and that’s the direction I intend to aim for. So when God started to once again show me new things, after what had been a much quieter season (the kind in which you might muddle through), I found myself excited and living sort of on auto-pilot as I navigated through my daily tasks. My head was so pre-occupied with the wonder in what God was showing me, that I just wasn’t paying close attention to the things I was doing.

After drying my hair one morning, I realized that I’d missed something. My hair just didn’t look or feel as it should. ‘Did I even wash it?,’ I wondered. Maybe I just hadn’t rinsed the shampoo or conditioner entirely from my strands. Well, I wasn’t going to wash it again, so I spent the day with less than perfectly coiffed hair. (Not that my hair is ever so fancy, but talk about a bad hair day.) Hair was the least of which was on my mind, anyways.

My head is in the clouds, and suddenly everything feels new all over again. Even the air feels different, and the rain coming down refreshingly wonderful. When the sun came out once again, it somehow seemed more radiant than ever, and I just couldn’t stop smiling. Yes, when God teaches, the class room is like that.

Jason Grey’s latest song currently playing on our local Christian station (“I’m Learning”), seems to be the theme of my heart right now, and it’s been constantly repeating over and over in my head, so as the song goes:

“’cause I can’t lose, if I keep learning.”

Back to School

For me, a new season of life has just begun again, and I feel as if I’m going back to school. I’ve picked up some new note books, and I’m ready to dig in to my studies. Truth be told, He is showing me so much already, and things are writing themselves. (Er well… His hand most definitely is in there, guiding my words, debunking the lies, and revealing the truth.) God is my teacher, so I know that I have the absolute best, and I’m eager to find out what this new season of learning holds.

“They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”” ❤  Luke 24:32 (One of my favorite verses)


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