[Let the little children come to Me]

This isn’t my story.  I heard this little gem over the radio today. (Gem… treasure, Okay that pun really wasn’t intended, but it works so I’m leaving it.) It was such a sweet story though, and being that today we’re celebrating our great niece’s first birthday,  it seemed just so appropriate and precious.

I heard this over our favorite Christian station, so I’m assuming it was one of our Christian artists telling this sweet tale about his daughter.

He firsts describes this ratty old, beat up, purse that his daughter always carries around with her,  and how it’s the one thing she never wants to loose.  He tells of how he asks her to show him what she’s carrying in it, and how she proceeds to empty the contents out, item by item;  all sorts of plastic rings and other little plastic items that she’s collected here and there.

As he’s looking at her Pile of unasuming treasures (that he personally doesn’t find too impressive), He sees a pretty typical picture of how we carry around all these worthless things, but the greater thing (The sweeter thing), that he sees, is that every single item she carries with her has a special little story.  Every item has a memorable moment.  To her these seemingly cheap trinkets truly are her treasure, and it speaks to him of how the Bible teaches us that where our treasure is, there will be our heart also. (Matthew 6:21)

And for our great niece’s first Birthday:


Little Light

Lizzy Lizzy, little light

Oh, how you make our lives so bright

Your infectious smile

And eyes alight

Oh Lizzy Lizzy, little light.



October 22, 2017

Tina W.

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”” Matthew 19:14

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