[Nestle safely in His care]


One of our cats (our beautiful tabby cat–Sheya), has always hated to be held. From time to time I try to pick her up anyways. I can’t help myself. I just want to hold her. She doesn’t like it. She always protests, squirms and wants down. As soon as you put her down she runs, but she always comes back wanting more affection. While she clearly wants the affection and love, she also has her insecurities. She won’t sit in your lap, but she will sit behind you on the back of the sofa, and just loves to be petted as cats do: under the chin; on the top of the head, and she even likes her ears gently stroked.

Well, a while back she started meowing at me early in the day like she wanted something from me. When I would follow her, she’d lead me to the sunny spot by the front door where the sun shines through the door’s window. I always said to Andrew that she takes after me, because I too love the sunny spot. I’m a sunshine sort of girl ( prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder), so I need my rays when I can get ’em!

So, this quickly became our thing. I called it ‘Kitty and Mommy’ time. Every day after breakfast she would come meow at me until I would followed her to our spot. At times she’d even get a little too excited about it and try to nip me. It seemed she was just being playful though, so the nips weren’t ever hard, but they did startle me and make me say “hey!” when she caught me off guard.

Often she’d roll over on her back to let me pet her soft underbelly, as she purred up a storm. (That cat has one loud motor.) Then, she’d usually roam around me and do what cats do (mark what they believe is theirs, by rubbing their face on these particular things. In this case–me).

Well, I’ve noticed lately that she’s been doing this marking thing even more. Today in particular, she was doing this quite excessively to my hands. My guess was that she wanted more petting–so I did so.

Today was a dreary grey day, but I told her, “We’ll make our own sunshine.” I’d been sitting cross legged on the floor with her, and decided to shift positions, so I leaned back against the closet door with my legs out straight, looked at her and said, “You wanna sit in my lap?”, expecting a ‘No, of course not Mom‘, but to my surprise she started to climb into my lap–right into it, and made herself comfortable. I cried. My jaw dropped as I quietly tried to get Andrew’s attention–-not wanting to make a commotion, and spook her. I suddenly saw the parallel to my own story in hers. I saw that she felt safe and comfortable enough to trust. Yeah—I cried. (Wow). I wondered if this is how God feels when we finally trust Him enough to nestle safely in His care.

“Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” –Psalm 9:10

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