[But I have hope when I think of this…]

I have to admit, I’ve lived a rather sheltered life. Sure, I’ve known some struggle–as we all have–but I’ve been safe and I’ve been held.  Though I’ve had some darker days, and my body stubbornly doesn’t always want to cooperate, I’ve had better days among the bad. I’m still standing and I’m still breathing.

I’ve Learned

I’ve learned to be content. Learned, as in, this hasn’t always been the case. We’ve never had enough–at least by modern human standards–and we’ve striven for more. However, somewhere along the way I made my peace with what we had. I realized that I had found something worth so much more, and that the picture is so much bigger than my own little world. I guess you could say that I fell in love. I grew in love might be more accurate, and so much closer to my Lord and my God than I ever imagined was possible.

What Do I Lack?

I no longer worry about what I’m lacking. In truth, I know that I’m lacking nothing, though there have been days when I’ve been so tired of being tired.

However, on those days when I’m able to get out into the sunlight–what a gift–I’m so thankful.  It’s in the ordinary that I find the extraordinary.

We may overlook the simple things because we’ve just become so accustomed to thinking of them as ordinary. However, It’s in these simple every day miracles that I can see His mercy, His love, and His grace. I can smile as if I’ve never known sorrow, and I can breath in that cool autumn air as if I’m breathing in peace.

While the world spins with it’s chaos and heart aches I find my escape in my Jesus and these “ordinary” things that He’s provided. I keep my eyes fixed on Him (with His great help), and I’m brought back to life again to face tomorrow.  Because what I understand is this: It’s my Lord who holds my future. This simple truth that His love never ends and His mercies never stop comforts me and fills me with hope and peace.

“But I have hope when I think of this: The Lord’s love never ends; His mercies never stop.”  —Lamentations 3:21-22



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