We laughed with ease at stupid things
You always saw me clearer than most
I know I’ll miss those simple things
It was just so nice to truly be known

But you drew your curtains tightly
And you let your bitter weeds grow
So your walls became your prison
‘Till no light could touch your soul

No encouragement could appease you
No good news could ever console
I looked, but you were nowhere
And in your place grew up a stone

So I cried because you mattered
I had dreamed for you much more
And my prayer is that you’ll find it
That peace that I’ve hoped for

And I feel like I have lost you
But you were never mine to keep
For these hands, they are much smaller
Than Whoes hands your heart must seek.

P.S. I love you and miss you, Bub.

September 2017



“We just need a leap of faith”– Tigger

You’re worth fighting for and you were worth dying for.  Jesus thinks so, and so do I.

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