The ceremony was simple
The gathering small
Who knew you could find
True love
At the mall.

My dress wasn’t costly
Nor the flowers
Nor my shoes
It wasn’t what mattered
All that mattered was you.

And the lifetime we’d share
The memories we’d make
Through the good
And the tough
For togetherness sake.

So we stood at the alter
Spoke our vows before God
A promise of always
No matter the cost.

No, we didn’t know then
Just what that would mean
‘Till the years brought us testing;
It’s experience gleaned.

And not a moment I’d trade
Not a trial, nor a tear
For it’s what love is made of
And it’s what I hold dear.

So I gave you my hand
And you gave me your heart
Said:  “I do.”
And I will…
Until death do us part.

June 2017
“What I have vowed I will pay.”  – Jonah 2:9

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